The Most Mysterious Puzzle of "ALL" and How to Solve it

By: Trenton McNary

Metatron's Cube

When I was a kid I acquired a 'Rubik's Cube.' I didn't want to mess it up, but being a kid I couldn't help my self, so that's exactly what I did. I didn't know how to solve it afterword. The puzzle was a complete mystery. Eventually many of the kids in my class had one. One kid figured out how to solve it, reminding the rest of us, how to follow the steps, in order to solve the puzzle.

Soon we were having races to see who could solve it fastest. We amused our selves with total fun until the novelty wore off. With so much practice the puzzle became easy, making the puzzle boring, lacking the challenge it once held. A short time later a kid brought a 4x4 cubic puzzle to school. 'Rubik's Revenge!'

The exact same thing happened as the time we solved the previous puzzle. The 'Rubik's Revenge' took a little longer to figure out, but we applied a lot of the steps we remembered from solving the original 3x3 cube and soon the mysteries of the 4x4 cube were conquered too. All year long we kept finding new puzzles to solve. Each one presenting a new challenge, until we figured it out.

By the end of the school year, both cubes sat on my shelf at home, perfectly solved, collecting dust. Today, almost 30 years later, I can still remember how to solve the original puzzle, in under 3 minutes; regardless of how much time anyone spends messing it up! However; if the puzzle sits on my shelf for a few years in between playing with it, I have to remind myself of the steps to solving it. The ones I remember, from all those years ago.

Who in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle. ~ Lewis Carroll

This site is intended for reminding you to remember how to solve the puzzle of Life. What I have come to term: 'The Game of Separation.' "Ho, ho...big claim!" You might say. "How could you possibly know the solution to such a big mystery?" I know that's what you're thinking. The fact is; the solution for ALL things exist and 'Life' is just another thing. Moreover; the best solutions are usually the most obvious, hiding in plain sight behind ignorance.

Just like my youthful exploration of the Rubik's Cube, once you know the solution, the mystery falls away. In fact; any problem dissolves rather easily, once you remember the steps to solving it. And all you need to remember, is reminders. Furthermore; there are a gazillion ways to remind your self to remember; although, admittedly, some reminders work better for some, than others.

  1. Do you find more joy in reminiscing about the 'good old days,' or fantasizing about the future; rather than, living in the present?
  2. Do you find the stress of everyday life to be more of a struggle than it's worth?
  3. Do you find anything 'wrong' with the world?
  4. Are you able to admit to your self that you, or others you care about, suffer in some way?

If so, then the words you find here may be of some comfort. Believe it, or not, the meaning of life is all about you. If you're anything like me; you're the most interesting thing in the you!

My proposition for you is simple:

Allow me to remind you how to play The Game of Separation.

  • Read the reminders I'm sharing. I'm not teaching anything you don't already know.
  • Remember how to separate any reminder, whether found here, or somewhere else, from what 'works' or 'doesn't work,' depending on what you want to Be, Do, or Have.
  • Apply the reminders that work.
  • Reap the benefit of knowing how to consciously create everything you imagine.
  • Allow Freedom.

"Freely I give to the children of men. Give that they, too, might have wisdom to shine through the world from the veil of the night." ~ The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean: Tablet III, The Key of Wisdom

Ever since I can remember, I've wondered about, and questioned, personal and societal problems, leading myself toward possible solutions. Now I'm at the point in my life where, I figure, the only real solution to what ails me, and society in general, comes down to the word 'Freedom.' Now I'm not trying to profess that I myself am completely free, not yet at least; rather, I simply feel I figured some things out, helping me through my struggles toward that end, leaving a residual desire to share what I remember.

For me, the word Freedom is like a target in the distance. A place where I want to fire my arrow. A place to aim. Liberty is the top rung on the ladder of consciousness. It is found in the opposite direction from the collectivism, most of society, currently finds it's self.

It's the end goal I'm striving for while playing 'The Game of Separation.' I want to succeed in solving the mysteries in the game, curious to see the view from the top of that ladder. Maybe you are too! If your life is perfect and you haven't any dis-ease, so to speak, you probably have no desire to play the game, or even remember the rules, because you've already figured them out.

But, being a person who observes My Self and the world around me, in a manner unlike others I've encountered, I've noticed that a great many people are looking for answers to the mysteries of life, applying a plethora of unsuccessful solutions, left wondering how on Earth anything can be done to alleviate the many problems that plague them, let alone the problems of society in general.

The depth of our unbalanced society seems impossible for one person to fix. Heck; the problems are so vast they seem impossible for 'Humanity' to fix. Maybe taking a look at things from a wider perspective might help! Maybe if we can remind each other to remember that we're playing a game; and also, remind each other to remember the best way to play the game, is to have some fun, we can ALL succeed together.

In what places are you looking for solutions?

Over the years I've come up with a million ideas in an effort to make my world a better place. To my dismay, not everyone wonders about the same things I do. It's taken me a long time to figure out how to get people excited about being Free. I couldn't figure out why so many people changed the subject whenever I brought up elusive concepts promoting personal freedom, which I figure everyone desires. Why do we work so hard to earn money, for example, if not to be free? To do all those things we'd rather be doing than working?

For anyone that knows me, they'll be the first to tell you that trying to control me is like trying to catch the wind in a butterfly net. "Know Thyself." I desire the freedom to Be, Do and Have want I imagine for myself, not what someone else imagines for me. Are we not all trying to achieve this?

Of all the complex human desires two basic human needs encompass them all: The desire to gain pleasure and the desire to avoid pain. The most pleasure I have ever had is when I Am Free. A sense within myself that nothing else in the world matters than the moment I Am currently enjoying. But how many of us can honestly say we encounter many of these moments from day to day? Isn't there always something tugging at our thoughts, picturing the past, or imagining the future? In a sense, holding us in bondage to things that were and things that may, or may not be?

My search for personal solutions, which led to understanding them in terms of the problems of society in general, has followed many paths. Wherever I travelled, everyone was suffering in one way or another, trying to avoid that suffering in a lot of different ways. I wanted to know the root cause of it ALL, so I could 'fix' things. All the suffering was causing me a great deal of pain and no matter where I looked I couldn't avoid it, except when I went within myself, where I could imagine and feel a world without suffering, regardless of the things happening around me.

The problem seemed to be, that what I wanted to explain was way too heavy, way too 'out there,' way to complicating and convoluted to comprehend. It was like the 'Rubik's Cube' I messed up the first time, it wasn't fun to play with, it was a difficult struggle instead, because I didn't have the know how to solve it. Just then I found a good reminder.

"And he said: 'Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.'" Matthew 18:3

Most of the solutions I originally came up with involved changing things outside of My Self and none of those solutions seemed able to work, they were nothing but a struggle; consequently, my observation of the world outside of My Self continued deteriorating.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the market. I was introduced to the arcana within. For some reason a candle was lit in my darkness, and I've been hunting down the knowledge of the unknown since boyhood; always looking for that elusive state know as enlightenment.

Much to my astonishment, I remembered how to have fun in the process! I remembered to turn my struggles into a game, a mystery to solve. The words compiled on this site are some of the things I remember, which I'm confident can benefit anyone who wants to do a bit of reading; in turn, remembering how to make Life fun instead of a struggle, simply by remembering how things work from the inside out!

Esoteric and Exoteric

There are things within and things without the Self. They are two sides of the same coin. The thing is, most of modern society never looks at the 'esoteric' side; most people don't even know it's there! The words Esoteric and Exoteric are closely related to, subjectivity and objectivity; in that, they are words that describe the experience of a subjective, or objective points of view.

The world within is a complete mystery to most people. It's like the inner piece of the Rubik's Cube, holding the other 26 pieces together in cube form. Without that inner part, we never see while playing; the outside pieces wouldn't be able to move. The first time your Cube broke, you quickly remembered the pieces back together, noticing the six stationary center pieces, which the remaining 20 pieces revolve around.

This site will shine some light on the big mystery, reminding you, not only to put the broken cube back together, but how to put it back together in right order, because you know how it works. But it's up to you to decide if you want to be conscious in your play. First gather the reminders, then turn them into knowledge, and finally apply the knowledge, becoming wise.

Do, or Do Not, there is no try! ~ Yoda, The Empire Strikes Back

The trick to any problem, is remembering how to solve the puzzle. Wisdom is the ability to remember reminders consciously, plus knowing how to apply the reminders toward being successful; instead of, unsuccessful. Wisdom has more value than any amount of money, wisdom moves forward, able to create anything you want, including any amount of financial security; if that's the part of the game you want focus on.

Remembering about that hidden part within allows you to remember the point of messing up the cube: To put it back in order. Discover a whole new set of rules and possibilities to explain all the things that seem so out of whack in your world.

The new rules, hidden on the esoteric side of the coin, make playing the 'Game of Separation' fun; they reminded you how to solve the puzzle. In short, going within, reminds all of us, that we've been deceiving ourselves about many things, but always having an insatiable NEED TO KNOW, we begin a life time of research and study, reminding and remembering ourselves how to be successful, which eventually leads us back to the beginning. 'The Beginning' is 'place' termed many things; other than, 'The Beginning.' This Place, or Space, we all started from, I call Home.

Where to find the right place to look

"The use of symbols to convey meaning to the initiated and to conceal it from the uninitiated is as old as civilization. A clear understanding of the symbolic way of thinking is necessary if we are to unveil and comprehend the 'esoteric' (hidden or secret) meaning of the symbols of ancient and modern times." ~ Jack Benjamin, "Introduction to Symbols, Sex and the Stars"

One of the biggest secrets lay in the gigantic realm of symbols. Not many people realize the significance of symbols and their pervasive occurrence throughout ancient and modern society. Consider words alone! Words of any language are simply symbolic of ideas and feelings, much like the words Esoteric and Exoteric symbolise the experience of observing things within and things without the Self. Numbers too are another symbol, like words they represent far more than the average person is aware, being both quantitative; as well as, qualitative. If you decide to keep reading, you too can understand the mystery behind symbols, which provide more benefits than I am able to list.

It is through the understanding of symbolism that the secrets behind ALL the mysteries, are revealed. Not understanding them has deleterious effects; however, as Michael Tsarion points out in his "Symbolic Literacy" article:

Down through the centuries, symbols and their subtle meanings are memorized. They become part of the collective phylogenetic reservoir. They constitute part of the "Race Memory." Consequently, when certain symbols are used, they invariably stimulate reactions, often emotional and sexual. Some symbols were, and still are, specifically designed to affect the limbic centers of the brain. In primitive cultures we hear of the voodoo doctor and his attendant zombie. Before he fell under the spell of his master, the zombie was a live, active, thinking person. His will was weakened because he was slowly and surreptitiously administered the juice of the Datura plant, which drugged him into a chronic state of mental and physical passivity. Each day, lest he revive, the zombie is forced against his will to ingest more of the potion.

The world consists of imaginary people, claiming imaginary virtues and suffering from imaginary happiness ~ Vernon Howard

Today we see a similar process at work, only with greater frequency and over a larger demographic. In this case, the "Datura" is not organic but auditory, visual and digital. We are reigned over by technological witchdoctors and cyberspace sorcerers. Their particular concoction of spells are cast via techniques that go by names such as Tele-hypnosis, Metacontrast, Hemisync, Synaesthenia and Embedding. New techniques, yes, but with the same deadly effect as any past voodoo, sorcery or telepathy. Recently, a professional hypnotist declared that the very skills used to lull a mind into a state of suggestibility are unquestionably those used by advertising agents.

A century and a half after its birth, the modern business corporation, and artificial person made in the image of a human psychopath, now is seeking to remake real people in its image ~ Joel Bakan (The Corporation)

Secrets being what they are; it is quickly discovered that the secret knowledge we are looking for, isn't easy to find, mostly because the people hoarding it, don't want us to find it, which isn't a bad thing, the hoarders just make the game more challenging. Anyway, once found, secrets seem to uncover more secrets; thus, perpetuating the quest. Thankfully, after many years of study and introspection, and with great thanks to Tsarion and his work, I now know that the secrets are symbolic, reminding me, you, us, how to succeed, in the same way they work for Psychopathic agents who currently control society.

The secrets can be divided into 5 categories of study:

    1. Astrology
    2. Numerology
    3. Sacred Geometry
    4. Tarot
    5. Kabbalah

I could probably add "Alchemy" to the list, but I haven't devoted any time to it's study myself; therefore, leave it to those, who are interested in those secrets, to find explanations elsewhere. All the categories, I overview, act interdependently together, each symbolic reminders about how to succeed in 'The Game of Separation.' Each Category can be a life time study on its own. The scope of this site does not begin to uncover the vast secrets found within each category, but it is very important for readers to know how symbolism effects their experiences.

As the writer of this site, I am only facilitating a reminder; first of all, that such secrets exist and second of all, that it's a challenge figuring out how to apply the symbolism they convey, to everyday life. But unlike anything else you may study, these categories are totally fun to remember about, providing solutions to any mystery conceivable!

All the categories of study, not only in the list above, but all fields of study, follow the same rules. When you remember the rules and how to use them, you will understand how to put things in balance. The name of the game is "The Game of Separation," The rules to the game are about "Balance."

There are 7 rules to the game

    1. Principle of Mentalism: "All is Mind"
    2. Principle of Correspondence: "As is above, so is below. As is below, so is above."
    3. Principle of Vibration: "Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates."
    4. Principle of Polarity: "Everything is dual; everything has an opposite, and opposites are identical in nature but different in degree."
    5. Principle of Rhythm: "Everything flows, out and in; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left- rhythm compensates."
    6. Principle of Cause and Effect: "Every cause has its effect; every effect has its cause."
    7. Principle of Gender: "Everything has its masculine and feminine principles."

These Laws are commonly known as 'Hermetic Law.' They are age-old, applicable to every field of study, existing long before anyone decided to study anything. Unlike theories, Hermetic Laws are Self evident, meaning that each one is without argument.

The first one in particular, when understood, is really Enlightening! It sets the stage for the whole game, revealing the power within each of us to create anything and everything imaginable, including Life itself. I mean; the light really comes on, when you know, without a question of a doubt, that: I AM the one creating the world around me by way of projecting my own MIND.

Many great thinkers have commented on these Laws throughout recorded history; either directly, or obscurely. Secret societies and 'Rulers,' whose genetic blood lines have ruled over humanity for centuries, have been studying them and implementing them for there own nefarious purposes for longer than they want you to know. It's time to level the playing field! I intend to add my voice to the chorus of understanding.

When you figure out that you are the creator of your life; rather than, something outside of you creating it, you'll have an epiphany! IT'S A BIG DEAL! Why? Because if that epiphany is true, it means there is no one else to blame for all your problems. It allows you to state, with conviction: I Am the one creating my Life and the Life around me, whether or not I understand how I'm doing it.

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. ~ Abraham Lincoln

Remembering how to apply the laws above, frees you from bondage, allowing you to create anything imaginable. It can also be an extremely difficult statement to accept! How in Gods green earth can I be responsible for catching a virus, political corruption, mutilation of my planet, acts of war, etc, etc, etc, you might say. It's like turning into 'Spider Man.' 'With great power comes great responsibility.' Too much responsibility for some as it turns out. Just look around!

For my own part, I was initially prepared to accept responsibility for some of the things in my life, like getting angry, and being lazy, or not paying my bills, plus all the good stuff, but COME ON! How could I possibly be responsible for all the stuff apparently beyond my control?

The epiphany, in no uncertain terms, was telling me that I AM the only person able to solve problems, because I Am the one creating them. I was creating them from within myself, even though I didn't know how I was doing it.

At that point I could have gone one of two ways. I could have taken the easy way out, disregarding the epiphany and selectively continue to blame others for stuff I wasn't prepared to accept responsibility for. Or, I could figure out HOW I was creating stuff, accepting responsibility for everything and become my brothers keeper.

My only reassurance was that if I was creating the problems, I must also be able to create the solutions. I decided to figure out how. I decided to take a look at ALL the stuff being projected within myself, hopefully being able to sort it all out. I found a place to look for the mysteries, I found the rules that allow the mysteries to work in balance, and I also figured out that the person I thought was me, is actually only a character I'm playing!

4 Things to Remember for Sorting Out What's Within

Let's pretend you're still reading; that you're willing to consider that there are mysteries that have been kept secret, that there are Universal rules to follow, and that you're acting everything out, like a character in a play.

If you decide to make the same decision I have, to figure out how it all works, you won't have to start from scratch like I did. There is way more information available now, than there was when I first started out. Plus, you've got this handy website to guide you so that you can avoid some of the pitfall I fell into.

One of the first pit falls is believing that you are a Human Being first and foremost. Being Human is only a role you're playing, understanding how to adjust the role comes down to understanding your character.

The best news is; it doesn't cost any money to 'go within' and figure it all out. All that anyone needs to go within, creating internal freedom, or a state of enlightenment, which creates external freedom, has been given at birth.

Your birth date symbolized a moment in time when you placed your character on the game board, simultaneously forgetting that you are only 'playing a character in a game.' Your current character is not who you are in the ultimate sense, it's just a role you're playing.

The time and date of your birth; as well as, your birth name, come with inherent qualities, or Characteristics, making you a unique individual in a sea of many individuals. Remember that! It's important to know you're own Self for breaking the fetters of bondage.

Your Self is much larger in scope than most people know. I'll explain things more fully as we go, but in the mean time, the human character part of your Self has four distinctions worth remembering, which I, and others, term Bodies. Not just the Physical one you can see, but non-physical ones too. Three non-physical bodies extend outward from your physical one. Imagine a balloon floating inside a larger one, then those two inside one even bigger, then those three in yet one more bigger one. This analogy comes in handy down the road when I explain something I call a 'Held Energy System.' For Now:

Every Human Character has:

    1. A Physical Body that breathes as much air as we need in order to conduct physical action. We can all see, or touch it, whenever.
    2. We have all been given a Mental Body too. Think, or imagine any thought you want. That's your mental Body. You can't see or touch a thought, but no one will deny all Humans have them.
    3. Additionally, we all have an internal guidance system of sensation, called an Emotional Body, allowing us to feel, or sense the direction in which thoughts succeed. I'm not talking about simple 'touch' here. Our emotions express our thoughts, bringing our imagination to life.
    4. Finally, we have a Spiritual Body, which guides and directs the three bodies listed above. For now, consider the label 'Spiritual Body' and 'Self' as synonymous.

Many of you have probably seen this list before. It's common knowledge for mystical types. For the average Joe, the three non-physical bodies are often never considered simply because we can't touch them like our physical one. Even if you allow these Bodies as a given, or refute there existence, consider that three of them; the physical, mental, and emotional ones, often work against each other, creating the very imbalance that I claim we're all trying to get back into balance.

We just have to remember to be aware of how we think and feel through our physical body in an effort to balance things out; then, instead of these three things working in opposition; they work together, creating intention. The Spiritual Body is the key that unlocks the ability for Characters to get things in balance.

Ironically, as complicating as it all sounds right now, balancing our characters is as simple as 'paying attention,' which doesn't cost a thing, but it does require discipline. If you can play The Game of Separation with Self discipline, you'll be laughing all the way home. With out it, the game is a struggle.

Something is holding us back from succeeding. What is it?

The only reason ALL of us aren't experiencing a peaceful balanced society, right this instant, is simply because many of us have forgotten about the world within, and how to balance Body, Mind and Sensation, and lack of discipline to obtain this knowledge leaves us susceptible to those who have remembered the knowledge.

Since there is an utter lack of understanding about all the secrets and how the Laws apply to them, plus the fact that we've been prevented from understanding that Life is a projection from WITHIN, we find our selves deteriorating; Physically, Mentally and Emotionally, at both personal and societal levels.

Tonnes of people are communicating that we're running out of time to fix things, but I know that no matter how mixed up my 'Rubik's Cube' gets, I can still solve it in no time at all; once I remember the steps. So relax, don't buy into any fear, or panic. Panicking takes all the fun out of the adventure.

Fear and worry make matters worse. It's another old trick of the hoarders. They know that fear stifles love from flowing, which is a key component in succeeding in The Game of Separation. Many of us imagine the world within as a scary place, ripe with danger, needing to be avoided; paradoxically, we have created a society that spends most of it's energy devising ways to keep us as far away from our within (hidden) Self as possible; perpetuating the problems without.

Instead of reminding ourselves of the secrets needed to remember how to create anything we want, we're doing the opposite, because at some point, a long time ago, we bought into the belief that it was 'Evil' and frightening to understand the esoteric side of the coin. BUT, consider this: What could possibly be more encouraging than being able to create anything you want? And creating what you want truely dows come dwon to discipline. The helpful question is: What do YOU want?

What If You're Just Pretending You Don't Know?

The best place to start figuring out what you want, is pretending you don't know, starting at zero. My intention is to demonstrate that nothing is something, and something is everything, which is another angle to look at the word abundance.

Not just material abundance, but emotional, mental and spiritual abundance too, creating enlightenment. This is my first post for example. Where once there was nothing now I have this one post. I have created one thing from the nothing that existed before I started typing, now I'm adding to the one making more. It's a zero to infinity experiment. If I can prove success so can you!

The truth is: YOU already KNOW everything, YOU have simply forgotten, pretending that YOU don't KNOW. This site is a Re-Minder to Re-Member. In other words, you've played 'The Game of Separation' countless times. You have nothing to learn, you only need remind yourself to remember.

The whole point of forgetting and having nefarious characters that hoard the secrets, playing the role of villains, is to make the game as challenging and realistic as possible. The Rubik's Cube of life is a Game of Separation. The mystery to solving the game successfully is reminding and remembering all the separate looking things back into one, in a balanced way.

Now, I'm no expert, just a fool with an idea. My idea is rather simple in theory: Remind people that they're playing a game and get them to play along by the rules provided. But the process of it is actually quite large in scope. I'm not going to lie; my idea is the narrow path part of the Bible quote in Matthew 7:13-14:

"Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it."

If you consider the vastness of everything outside your Self, wouldn't going within your Self appear to be a rather narrow gate? And if you also consider that the vast majority of ALL people, who have walked this Earth for thousands of years, never consider taking a journey within, then the quote above becomes a little less obscure and unattainable and a little more within the realm of possibility. Does it not? It just takes discipline and discipline is free for anyone to apply; even though, it takes effort, which is also free.

The theory that: NO thing is SOME thing and SOME things are EVERY thing, or that, nothing is everything is pretty simple and it's even Self evident. It doesn't take rocket science to comprehend that nothing is in fact something and if you add up all of something you get everything.

The Game of Separation is a circle where No thing became ONE thing, ONE thing separated into MANY things. The game continues. MANY things return to being ONE thing and ONE thing remembers NO thing. And then we start over again, but each time we start over we make things a little more challenging, just for the fun of it. Sometimes when I read about all the nefarious activity going on, all around the globe, I think we might have out done our Selves, but when I go within, I know there's no place like home!

The large scope of this simple idea comes in the process of bridging the gap between nothing and everything and back again. We build the bridge on the other side of the narrow gate and we pass through the gate the moment we decide to go within our Selves.

Who wants to play the role of a Hero?

The decision to travel within and observe your self from this solely unique perspective is the beginning of the 'Hero's Journey,' as Joseph Campbell would term it, or 'The Fool's Journey,' from the perspective of the Tarot.

Adding strength of conviction to that decision, to see things through, is the way, or path toward a state of enlightenment and the experience of All there is. We just have to increase, raise, or otherwise expand what we are conscious of, step by step, allowing our feelings to guide us as we travel within. A Hero remembers to see where he is going by listening to her heart.

What Anybody Can Do to Ease Anything

Your bridge is unique and only you can walk across it, but the meat and potatoes, or work, involved is a creative process, basically the same for everyone. Each of us already has ALL we need to build our own bridge.

We ALL have the ability to:

    1. Apply conscious effort.
    2. Follow universal laws and principles.
    3. Be patient, taking things one step at a time.
    4. Become more and more aware of how our internal thoughts and imaginings project outward.
    5. Accumulate knowledge along the way, adding to what we know about how things work.

No one creating what they want will deny that the process can be a lot of work, but creating what you want is also a tonne of fun regardless of how much time, energy and effort needs to be applied, in manifesting the final product.

All is not always smooth sailing, but...

We must also allow for the fact there will be obstacles, detours and distractions throughout the process, making things a challenge. As long as we have a reliable blue print and a few tools, we can ALL create our metaphorical bridges.

Building this 'metaphorical bridge' is remembering how to balance your Soul, using mother nature and the stars in the sky as references. But that task alone doesn't presents much of a challenge for a prospective Hero. So, as a Hero, you have the added challenge of overcoming all manner of detours, distractions and dangers.

Dangers mythology raves on about, preventing you from building your bridge, growing your Soul. I Aim to explain things that challenge the best I can, in an effort to give you a hand along your journey. I even have a road map, or two, plus a few tools I can show you how to use to make things easier.

You don't have to make it hard

The process can also be a great deal of fun, because we all build our bridges according to our own truest individual hearts desire. If you're wondering what your hearts desire is, I'll show you where to find that too, which is a tonne of fun to discover all on its own.

No one knows how to have more fun than a child at play. So I ask you: Follow my words; words compiled from many ancient sources, a compilation still incomplete; yet, constituting a beginning. Follow along, while wondering what the big picture will look like.

Picture your Self gaining more clarity with each word you read. Allow new discoveries to be interesting, available for application, not something to fear and avoid. The time you spend reading here can benefit you with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being if you have a willingness to discover who you really are within.

Most, if not all, of the reminders I provide here have already been provided through many, ancient primary, and contemporary secondary, sources. I have simply collected a bunch of data over the span of my lifetime and in order to make sense of it all, I explain it to myself like I'm six.

In a way, this site is me talking to my six year old self, trying to organize things, using familiar metaphors to help wrap my brain around complicating concepts. OR, you could view this site as YOU talking to YOUR SELF, if that makes things easier.

I figure, knowledge is useless unless it's applied and shared, since most of the knowledge I've got rolling around in my head is either; hard to find, or hard to understand, or both, Why not write it down, in simplified form so anyone can grasp it. If I'm worth my salt as a writer, maybe you can understand what I'm so intent on sharing.

First Things First

The first thing to do is build a foundation to organize all the data that I've collected that helps us understand how to build a balanced bridge. Think of all the data as reminders, or skills, you already know but have simply forgotten how to use. I'll explain things chronologically, except when I don't. Regardless, things will be divide into three sections:

  1. Characters following
  2. Rules
  3. on a Landscape.

But you're going to have to remember the reminders if you want to build a balanced bridge. My job is to facilitate a comprehensive order for it all, helping you remember all this data I claim you've forgotten. And the only reason I'm reminding you, is because something elusive deep inside you, wants to remember it. Otherwise you wouldn't be here reading right now.

I'll continue to write posts, whenever I can, and we'll gradually add information, like building a puzzle, following a step by step creative process. What we all do, throughout life, is gather reminders for the Soul purpose of remembering our Selves Home; even if, you never realized this fact until just now.

Consider: Reminders appear everywhere; the Net, books, personal experience, by accident and so forth. The reminders appear haphazardly too. Remember to identify them and figure out what part of the puzzle they belong, when the puzzle is ready for them. That's what I want to remind you how to do.

Once you decide to take the plunge within, the distractions will start popping up. I'll address dealing with all that in due time. What I'm explaining here is ancient stuff. All the various mystery schools, in all the various societies, in all the various ages have covered it all already and all through the ages a few rules have always remained constant.

I'm not inventing anything new. Very few of the words; therefore, you read on this site are original in thought. I'm just re-explaining things by putting separate pieces together. RE-MEMBERING things. I have a lot of interesting ideas to remind you about, so you can remember how they work, in order to create anything your heart desires and succeed at playing The Game of Separation.

Click NEXT if you're at all curious to see what I'm up to and where I'm going. Come on! It's fun!


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