Remembering Your Character: Part 1 of 4: The Spiritual Body

By: Trenton McNary

The character you play in 'The Game of Separation' creates material experience by way of balancing a 'Trinity.' The number '3' is of material importance, and is ubiquitous throughout society and we'll discover why when I discuss the various secrets. For now, simply remember that your ' Human Character' is a three dimensional construct, experiencing life in a three dimensional illusion.

The word 'Trinity,' as a symbol, represents a creative process that balances three things, in order to create material experience. Religion often labels these three things as; Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Spiritualists often use the labels; Body, Mind and Soul. Both sets of labels I have a problem with, because of their impractical connotations. Allow me to explain.

Personally, I've adopted Neale Donald Walsch's labels, which he introduced to me in his; "Conversations with God" books. For practical reasons I like labelling the three parts of 'Trinity' as; Thought, Word, Deed, which I overlap with Mental stuff, Emotional stuff, and Physical stuff.

The concept is fairly straight forward. First you imagine a thing, (Thought) then you express that thing, (Word) then you act on the thing. (Deed) The trick is remembering how to balance it all. From your characters limited subjective point of view, the process of balancing these three things is damn near impossible.

"...It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul. ~ "Invictus" by, William Earnest Henley

The limitations of trying to balance things out with a subjective point of view is why, I feel, it's of monumental importance to 'Go Within' and reconnect with the objective point of view emanating from your Spiritual Body, which is the topic of this pages discussion. I'll discuss each separate point, in the list below, in more detail as we go, then offer some 'tools' for balancing each one out. Soon, we can remember how to be the 'master of fate,' consciously creating our own experience.

There are many tools, provided by a gazillion sooth sayers. Some of them work great, some not so much. While sifting through the plethora of different meditations, creative visualization techniques, and so forth, given my penchant for balance, I've tried to identify what part of the 'Trinity' the tool is trying to balance out.

I like things that have practical application, I'm not that interested in the 'wishy washy,' so my techniques are things you can apply readily and you'll also know exactly what you're doing with them and why.

Unlike the people who claim their technique will lift you to great heights, I'll just share the one's I use from my own tool box and let you decide if they work for you, making no claims, nor offering any refunds, but that's all for later. Let's start our look at the Spiritual Body, which is always in balance, requiring nothing more than a conscious reconnection.

Four Functions of a Human Self

    1. The Spiritual Body
    2. The Mental Body
    3. The Emotional Body
    4. The Physical Body

The Spiritual Body

A Celtic Symbol of a 'Triquetra'

The first aspect of ALL Human Characters, is the part observing the game: The 'Spiritual Self,' or 'Spiritual Body.' The Spiritual Self is 'response-able' for the 'Direction' of the game. This aspect knows that only Unlimited Unity exists and functions as a liaison between its 'Material Self' and the SPIRITUAL SELF in totality.

The Spiritual Self observes the three lower parts of its Self. Let's group these three lower parts together, calling them the 'Material Self, being that 'matter' is created, by our characters, through these three aspects the Spiritual Body is observing.

Flower of Life Symbol

The Image above symbolizes what I'm trying to explain. It's an ancient Celtic Symbol called; 'Triquetra,' or more commonly termed a 'Celtic Knot.' Three circles are interconnected. One represents the Mental Body, (Thought) one represents the Emotional Body, (Word) that leaves the third circle to represent the Physical Body. (Deed) The inner circle connects the other three, observing the Material Self from the inside out.

These four Bodies, the Spiritual Body and the three parts of the Material Body it's observing, are akin to SPIRITS child. We can visualize this if we wrap the whole design within one more larger circle, representing Spirit in totality. Now add more encompassing circles (in balance and ratio mind you) and you'll arrive at the Image to the right, called: 'The Flower of Life.'

Imagine each circle in the flower with the triquetra inside and you'll start to understand Humanity in geometric terms. Remember: 'Images' are the 'Thoughts' your Conscious Mind uses to communicate with your Sub-conscious Mind and vice versa, in an attempt to balance things out.

Images stored in the Sub-Conscious have a tendency to unbalance things for the Conscious, largely because we're unaware of them and the effects they cause. In this way, Sacred Geometry is a fantastic Spiritual tool, assisting anyone to reconnect with the objectivity within, gaining an awareness of how images effect cause at both conscious and subconscious levels.

Reminding and Remembering Succeeds Characters Home

The inside circle, where the three parts of the 'Trinity' overlap, is the 'space' where Human Character's play, either consciously, or unconsciously creating a Soul. If you are conscious of what's going on, you can Wilfully direct things toward balance; toward Home. While you remain unconscious, things remain out of balance and you've basically decided to leave things to fate, allowing others to direct your experiences with their Will, misdirecting things from balance; remaining separated.

These most separate aspects, most dense aspects, aspect most distant from Spirit in totality, the Physical, Emotional and Mental Body's, are allowed the task of building, growing, or otherwise creating a balanced Soul. Our Spiritual Body guides the subjective creative process of our material body's objectively.

Consider: 'The Soul' is like a bridge that connects Characters to Spirit. Once the necessary knowledge, for balancing the bridge, is remembered, the integrity of the bridge allows characters to be carried, over the chasm of ignorance, back home to Spirit. Creating this 'Metaphorical Bridge' is the conscious intention to balance the Trinity. Balancing the Trinity is Powerfully done with the guidance of Spiritual observation. Unbalancing the Trinity is Forcefully done with the guidance of Character subjugation. The former way allows things to Be, the later way disallows things from Being.

Of course our characters have forgotten all of this; thus, the need to Re-Mind and Re-Member. Our characters have forgotten so deeply, in order to make the game as realistic as possible, that Spirit constantly reminds our characters to remember with every experience our characters encounter while playing the game.

Being conscious and objective, as our characters go about the process, succeeds our characters back toward home. When things are successful, efforts work. Being unconscious and subjective, as our characters go about the process, is unsuccessful toward carrying a character home, essentially keeping our characters separated from Spirit. When Things are unsuccessful, efforts don't work.

A balanced Soul allows 'Character' to Re-Mind and Re-Member with 'Spirit.' Playing The Game of Separation allows characters to consciously Re-Mind and Re-Member how to balance a Soul. Characters create in '3 dimensions' with the guidance of a Spiritual Body that observes the balancing out process of the Trinity. While our Characters consciously create a balanced Soul, our characters succeed, step by step, eventually making it ALL the way back home to Spirit. The proverbial Heaven, Nirvana, Bliss, Enlightenment, Paradise, or whatever other label you choose to use to describe the ineffability of The All in All.

One more time

Human Beings have four separate bodies, one of which observes the other three from inside, in order to help, those three, balance things out consciously with Free Will. The four bodies together are a composition, creation, form, metaphor, symbol, or whatever other label you choose to describe Spirits Character. Spirits Character, is like a child of Spirit in totality. The Proverbial Christ, Buddha, Son of God, Sun in the Universe, Chosen One, or whatever other label you choose.

The Character: 'Jesus Christ' is a symbol of a character who was adept at acting in a way that worked toward creating a balanced 'Trinity,' whether or not you want to believe he was an actual guy or not, the character demonstrates what works. All the major religions and all the mythological stories, have a symbol of such an adept. YOU are such an adept; you've just forgotten how to make things work. Call me a blasphemer if you want. It won't make any difference to the obvious.

All the subjective labels come down to the same objective thing. Even though an infinite amount of circles can be imagined, one more can always be drawn, encompassing all the rest. The one encompassing all the rest represents 'ALL,' leaving separation as nothing but an illusion, because everything is within one, always perfectly balanced in ratio to the encompassing circle. You know this, you've only forgotten! You have nothing to learn, only things reminding you to remember and everything is reminding you to remember in one way, or another.

So...You wanted to be and Actor?

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: They have their exists and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages" ~ "As You Like It" by, William Shakespeare

Shakespeare was really onto something with his famous quote. All those years ago, he offered up yet ANOTHER way to look at things, in an effort for Spirit to Re-Mind characters to Re-Member. Humans are a lot like actors, 'actually' playing out a drama on a stage. Humans are only role playing a part in a play, and once the curtain draws to a close and the play is over, all the actors can be them selves again.

The Spiritual Body is the aspect that directs the show, but we all know some actors listen to direction better than others! Some actors have remembered, through constant reminders and continual practise, how to listen to direction.

Some actors are able to limit the distractions going on behind the scenes. Keep in mind that Spirit directs us in very subtle ways. Spirit isn't much of a yeller, but it can get our attention when it needs too. Spirit communicates with our characters constantly, in a plethora of different ways. Keep in mind that Spirit communicates with a calm and peaceful voice and it takes a trained heart to listen. We have to remember to pay attention to the reminders, the scene around us, remembering the right time to recite our lines, with feeling and passion!

Keep in mind too, your Spiritual Body (the director) and the composition of your Material Body (the actor) are essentially one thing; the creator is also the creation. All these different contributing parts of the show are all housed within the theatre. (Spirit in totality) You can't have a show without an audience and you can't have an audience without a show. All these parts are separate only in the sense they each have a separate point of view of the ONE show.

Consider: A circle, is an infinite amount of points connected together, in order, encompassing one point in the exact middle. And a point; even though, it's something, is really nothing. Points, by definition, haven't any mass, space, or dimension. A point is a unit without limit and ALL things are an order of points; ergo, ALL things are NO things. Its a paradox to be sure!

It's one thing to say it's raining, another to say the rain is bad.

Spirit is like an audience, observing the actors material creation, being directed by the objective perspective of the Spiritual Body. The three parts acting in the creation, having a very subjective perspective, totally need the direction too!

Keep this next part in mind, it's important.

Spirit, while observing the whole performance; neither condones, or condemns the show, accepting it for what it is, allowing ITS creation the Free Will to either screw things up completely, or work toward creating a show the whole Universe will remember forever. Spirit doesn't give two hoots whether or not the show, or the individual performances, are balanced or not. Spirit hasn't the need to judge, it simply observes, loving every moment, completely indifferent.


As a side note: It may seem like I pick on Christianity, but the truth is I distrust all Mono-Theistic, personified, religions equally. Christianity just happens to be the one Religion I have the most familiarity with. I have personally found a tremendous amount of good sound reminders within the Christian Bible and don't prescribe 'throwing the baby out with the bath water.'

When I read scripture, any scripture, I do so from an objective point of view, keeping in mind that my understanding may, and probably will, change down the road, as I gather more reminders. Ten years ago I never would have thought to read scripture from an astrological point of view, for example.

Having gained a bit of knowledge on Astro-Theology has deepened my understanding of scripture; rather than, diluting it, protecting myself from the parts within the scripture, or parts that subjective interpretations force me to accept, which are consciously, or sub-consciously, misdirecting me from my journey Home.

Having said that, I have many problems with Christianity. What kind of 'God' would grant me Free Will then judge my choices, calling me a sinner? Ridiculous! No one is going to hell...we're already there! Just open your eyes and look around! The word 'Sin' has always made me cringe, no matter how anyone else wants to justify its connotation.

SPIRIT is giving us a chance to climb our way back up the ladder of consciousness, toward Enlightenment, with Free Will. How can Free Will be Free, if choices are weighted as good or bad? Let me just say that observing the choices of others, whether or not I want to label them as 'right or wrong,' is just another reminder about something within myself, in one way, shape, or form, that I'm remembering. And what I'm remembering , is how to get things in balance, by letting things be. There is nothing 'Sinful' about the way I, or anyone else, figures it out!

The ladder of consciousness is currently buried deeply in the mud, about as far away from enlightenment as it can be. Spirit couldn't care less if we succeed now, or later. Spirit knows that every thing is returned to sender eventually. That's why Its original creation of some thing is a circle! The question is: Are you the type of person who enjoys being stuck in the mud? OR, can you accept a hand pulling yourself up and out?


Hold on: Force Gets Bumpy

The Game of Separation Spirit created is obviously a very complex illusion with many linear and non-linear layers and levels, each of which are; symbols, representations, metaphors, or whatevers, of unified reality.

For example: On purpose toward explaining and understanding who I AM, in the ultimate sense, Spirit is the word symbol my character chooses, to symbolize the Unlimited Unity of balanced nothingness from which Spirit originates and which my character is a part; yet, continuously connected. I enjoy the study of Geometry too; for which, the 'PHI' ratio has many connotations. The 'PHI' ratio is observed spiralling in both directions of infinity and I find it interesting that the word Spirit is the root word in Spiral.

Some, who have a far greater understanding of etymology than I have, don't use this word because historically the word Spirit is limited to a masculine connotation. A good etymologist consciously understands that the All is not limited to masculine; rather, includes a very important feminine component. For my purposes; as well as, in affirmation of my Free Will, Spirit connotes 'ALL.'

Always Make Sure You Know What You're Buying!

Remember: If you want to make it home, don't allow other characters to 'Force' their Free Will upon your character. If you accept other's ideas, make sure you're accepting them of your own Free Will! Although there are a tremendous amount of 'Arch-Typical' Symbols, your character possesses the Free Will to create your own. The trick is being conscious of what you're creating.

No matter what happens, during the game, or Play, or whatever you want to call it, Spirit always and in All Ways remains connected to the Directors, in turn the Directors always and in All Ways remain connected to the Actors in order to remind them of their ultimate goal of consciously remembering who they really are and that which IS. Being distracted by other people's Will's, who are trying to control your own, keeps you from remembering you are connected with who you are in reality.

The whole thing is so big and so complex, from a subjective view point, its hard figuring out how to balance this monstrosity of separation I find my Self. I can make things easier if I break things down, balancing one thing, then another, before putting it all together, balancing the whole. But I have to pay attention, or a nasty monster will eat me! My Spiritual Body allows me the objectivity to Be with ease. Without my Spiritual Body's objectivity, my subjective character is prevented from Being, which is hard to Do. Made even harder by all the nefarious things distracting me. Within Spirit is the cause of Ease; without Spirit is the cause of Dis-ease.

Gazillions of Characters, over the centuries, have tried unsuccessfully to balance things from their subjective point of view Forcefully and are still at it. Success, at balancing things, happens only when Characters go within, allowing Spirit to guide things with its objective point of view Powerfully. There is a fantastic symbol for this, which I allude to quite regularly. Have you been paying attention?

Feeling separated, is one point of view; there are others.

When Spirit divides parts of ITS SELF, as 'Directors and Actors,' the allowance of Free Will creates alternative Actualities, for characters to play out. Spirit also knows this 'Free Will' thing can get messy. However; with every part of the game finalized, all rules set in place, with each separate Material Self connecting with it’s own Spiritual Self, all separateness remains in contrast, yet- still...Being...Unified to Spirit in totality.

Think about a messed up Rubik's Cube, being held together from within. No matter how messy it gets, it still looks like a cube in totality. Even though the separate colors aren't in balance, the cube it's Self remains a balanced thing.

When I start the game on my birthday, my actor is born, seeing things separately chaotic, oblivious of its own Unity. But from my director’s perspective, the game remains completely balanced obviously unified and orderly.

Complete separation is an illusion! But I gotta tell ya, the illusion is so fantastic that it often scares the Life out of all the fun. Fear and worry that: I can't, won't, lack the knowledge to, get things back into balance, keep the show going; keep the Cube unsolved. Letting go of that fear keeps me playing with my Rubik's Cube, until I figure it out.

The first time I solved that Cube after I messed it up was a HUGE relief! Fear and worry are things that are Forced. Forced things upset the balance; even though, they're intending to find balance; all be it, unsuccessfully. Force is like taking the stickers off my Cube. There's an easier way. Keep reading.

Force Attacks Balance: Use Power for Your Shield.

The knowledge of who I AM; One Being of Unlimited Unity with the essence of pure creativity and Love known as SPIRIT, has been temporarily lost, along with this temporarily lost knowledge, hanging on like a plague, there are things out of balance.

Once again, the point of playing the game is to remember reminders through consciously experiencing: "I Am ONE." I Am that I Am. This is a VERY POWERFUL SENTANCE once you understand how to use it for creating things. I Am The One, who both creates and plays out a character in a Game of Separation, and it is my goal to put things back in balance, by allowing them to be. AND, I am free to create, whatever my Free Will imagines to that end, which is also the beginning.

This is an important thing to understand, as this particular process, creates, in itself, a lot of difficult experiences while playing the game; as well as, a great deal of fear and suffering, because we've intentionally forgotten what we're doing and how we're doing it! It really sucks feeling separated from SPIRIT! But don't forget, it's only a game. You're not really separate from anything.

I AM pure love, after all, and the Power that I AM; exists, by allowing love to flow. Playing the game limits the flow. In fact, sometimes Love gets 'held' back from flowing altogether. But it's all intended; otherwise, there wouldn't be a game to play. If my Rubik's Cube sits on my shelf solved all the time, I never play with it. I only play with it after I mess it up!

Spirit, intends parts of its Self

To create a material world in its own image, Spirit directs, intending the Power of Love, by allowing Love to flow. In contrast to this, not allowing Love to flow creates Force. Imagine having to 'Force' yourself to hold your breath. Force provides a reflection of what SPIRIT IS NOT, to what SPIRIT IS. Like the light from the stars, reflecting off the moon.

Remember: Spirit is ALL there IS, not one part, or another, it's every thing which; IS and IS NOT. Spirit, just like our characters, deep down inside, desires to know more about ITS SELF. For fun, let's say the impulse for a creative process to play a Game of Separation really started to take shape when Spirit imagined Force as a means to lay in direct contrast to Power.

Allowing Love to flow creates Power; not allowing Love to flow creates Force. This contrast essentially allows Spirit the ability to view its Unity from outside the Unity. Humans experience being expert creators of Force on a daily basis, having largely forgotten how to create Power on a daily basis.

Force, like holding my breath, makes things unsustainable. Humanity has been holding its breath; both metaphorically and literally, long enough. Now is the time to take another breath, in order to sustain things with Power.

"Power vs. Force" by, David R. Hawkins M.D., Ph. D. is a real cool book that I highly recommend reading. Hawkins helped me to connect a lot of my separate understandings together. Like most information, there are many helpful reminders wrapped in unhelpful ones.

I say 'unhelpful' only because the scope of his writing has a tendency to lay in suspension like puzzle pieces lay outside the boarder until there's a place to put them. But like I always say: "For Now."

Instead of throwing the baby out with the bath water, I propose remembering how to discern, for yourself, what information works, and which doesn't and often things that don't work now work down the road when you've assembled more pieces. One step at a time.

Power and Force symbolize which direction your succeeding.

Holding back Love from flowing is the means to create matter out of light. It's like moving to the bottom of a circle from the starting point at the top, like squashing snow together to make a snow ball. But all we remember how to do, having been separated for so long, is how to make snowballs.

Humanity has become expert at forcing others to accept our Free Will. Just take a good long look at any Government, in any country, with any ideology, and tell me you're not being Force fed it's Will, regardless of what you want. I will profess, until my last breath, that ALL things outside Self, are a projection from within Self.

If you have a desire to transform things outside of your Self, it's done by going within your Self. This becomes blatantly obvious with application. It kills me when people tell me that I don't know what I'm talking about, when they never apply what I'm talking about, which happens a lot more than I care to think about.

Humans have forgotten

Spirit created Humanity. Currently, Humans collectively view things as separate, as we collectively dwell in the bottom of the circle, where Humanity views things outside Unified Self. At this point the journey is only half complete.

We continue on from this point, back toward the top, reminding and remembering our separate selves Home, back to the top of our own individual metaphorical circles were we all started. Allowing Love to flow is the path back to the top, providing a means to create light out of matter. We Force our Selves down, then Power our Selves up.

Spirit's no idiot. Spirit knows one fact, like it knows everything else. Force is essential to create something completely separate out of an Unlimited Unity. Power is essential to create Unlimited Unity out of things that appear separate.

OK, take a breath

Each separate part knows everything or nothing, depending on the point of view. If things get difficult for actors during the playing of the game, the directors can, at any moment, provide some direction and guidance in the form of reminders.

The ease at which the direction is followed and applied to the game by the Material Self is only limited to how well the individual actors are able to listen, coupled with their ability and knowledge about how to apply the direction. It's all fine and good for me to say this is how it works, but I do intend to also show you how. Just stick with me and you can prove my words to your Self. I'll give you a hint. Read the last paragraph heading again.

In a way, as strange as it may seem, this website is your Spiritual Body giving you direction. The guy writing it is just the facilitator. But, I did decided to be the facilitator. Long before I took my first breath in this life time.

Sometimes I wonder how many life times I've had to live, gaining enough experience, in order to be allowed such a big, monumentally frustrating job! My Numerological Chart indicates that I've had quite a few. Still, I hope I don't screw things up! Believe me, my character has its own challenges to work through and balance! As anyone who knows me can attest.

Don't Forget These 9 Guidelines: Be Objective

Being as the whole show is the biggest one ever produced with many intricacies, sub plots, and nuances a balance is required to keep things from completely falling apart. Remember that word balance, it's bloody important! Before we get to the three lower bodies on the list above, it's important to remember, as the players, we have a few guidelines that must needs be remembered as we go about creating our characters.

    Symbol of a Triskele

  1. All Characters are symbolic of a trinity of balance, or a three part creative process. Thought, Word, Deed. Remembering how to consciously create matter is only half the battle, but you have to remember how to do that before you remember how to create light.
  2. Dualities are present for contrast. Contrast provides a reference point for determining what is subjectively true for actors against what as objectively true for directors.
  3. All Material Selves use 'Energy' for intending consciousness, which is provided at will and in any amount desirable, from Spirit, in order to produce the show. That's where breathing comes in.
  4. Energy can be allowed for making light, or it can be held making 'light dense.' Matter is basically dense light.
  5. Free Will dictates that characters can create anything they desire while playing the game. There is nothing set in stone as to how actors have to perform, adjustments can be made along the way. Go ahead, twist that cube. Have some fun!
  6. The more practice and rehearsal each actor endures the more mastery is gained over the creative process in playing The Game of Separation.
  7. The objective of the game is all about being objective. Use Free Will to consciously remind and remember separate THINGS, back into the Unity from which we originated. Gradually let go of subjective beliefs.
  8. This is a biggie, and probably the only reason you'll doubt what I'm explaining. In order for the experience and game to be as realistic as possible each function assigned with a subjective consciousness for playing the game is to go through a process of complete forgetfulness, which happens on the moment of your Birthday.
  9. Now is the time Spirit re-minds you to re-member!

Don't Bother Complaining: You Agreed to Forget

In the production of Humanity, each part expands beyond anything previously imaginable. Here on Mother Earth, we are about as far away from SPIRIT as we can get. By the end of the game the Unlimited Unity of who I AM will come to know more about Self from the experiences incurred during the continuous moments of Now being played by various functions while essentially separate.

Forgetting all this makes the whole thing as realistic as possible; after all, The Game of Separation is an illusion. Without forgetting, there wouldn't be a game to play.

SPIRIT knows that each function separated, doesn't have to worry about how the whole thing is going to work out; instead, only has to wonder what things will look like upon conclusion, having a willingness to partake, or be taken apart.

There is no way I can prove this to you, nor can I prove that Enlightenment is your ultimate goal. But I'll go out on a limb and guess that your heart might be racing a bit as you read this. All I can do is show you a way and the proof will be in the pudding.

Remember: Everyone is at different stage upon their return. Some of you reading will understand all of what I'm saying implicitly, some of you will want to argue, others will deny, or dismiss. The one's who consider, ponder and apply are the ones who will gain the most benefit.

However; what you are able to understand, regarding what I'm explaining, has a lot to do with how objective you can be. The more you strengthen your connection with your Spiritual Body, the greater your objectivity will be. Connecting with your Spiritual Body is all about going within your Self. If you're unwilling to journey within, my words will be without benefit.

Keep in mind that the things you remember now, in this life time, will be forgotten again if you choose not to apply the reminders. You'll have to start over again from scratch with another Birthday. So be mindful of things that distract. Which reminds me of a great reminder.

Maintain the state of undistractedness, and distractions will fly away. Dwell alone, and you shall find the Friend. Take the lowest place, and you shall reach the highest. Hasten slowly, and you shall soon arrive. Renounce all worldly goals, and you shall reach the highest Goal. If you follow this unfrequented path, you will find the shortest way. If you realize Sunyata (the absolute Emptiness), compassion will arise within your hearts; and when you lose all differentiation between yourself and others, then you will be fit to serve others. ~ Tibetan Yogi Jetsun Milarepa (c. 1052-c. 1135 CE)

There Is a Light at the End of the Tunnel

In this play, consisting of all the various parts, know deep down inside, that when the game of separation comes to conclusion, that Being separate was all an illusion. The ultimate goal of life is Re-Minding and Re-Membering back into the Unlimited Unity.

We each know this, it's just hidden somewhere within. No matter how separate each part finds its self in relation to the Unity, in the end Life IS and will always Be. All in All the game is extremely challenging, but the end result is well worth all the energy and effort expended for the purpose to have some fun while part-icipating in a creative process, designed to know more about Self, through reminding and remembering how to balance things that are unbalanced.

Now it’s time for all you Actors reading this, to be reminded how to listen to your Directors, allowing the function of your Spiritual Body to guide you toward the celebration, were all our separate parts can once again be re-united with the SPIRIT part.

We’ve managed to dencify Light into Matter and Force the Power of Love from flowing, now it’s time to start climbing the ladder again, so we can once again take a look at the creation of our Big Picture, and de-dencify the matter back into Light, Let go of Fear, allow Love to flow. Let's take a closer look at the three parts of a material human I talked about earlier. That is...if you care to partake.