How To Navigate This Site

By: Trenton McNary

Well this seems like a no brainer, but...use the "Navigation Menu." If you 'hover' over a tab, options will drop down. 'Home' is the first page; the basic introductory diatribe. In the 'Archives' all my separate pages are listed, but the archives aren't really like blog posts, or news articles. To understand what I'm trying to explain I suggest you treat the Site like a book and read through everything in order. Of course if you return at some point down the road, hover over the 'archive' tab and find what your looking for specifically.

In the 'Navigation Menu' you will find a list of 'Tarot Cards.' You can look at the full Image from the 'Rider-Waite' Tarot Card Deck. I'll explain Tarot Cards down the road. Keep in mind there are A LOT of books and websites dedicated to the explanation of Tarot Cards; however, most of them don't understand them the same way I do, so I'm going to put in my 2 cents worth, just to add to the gallimaufry of information already available.

'Products?' Yes I'm selling stuff. Personally, I don't like visiting a site loaded with 'Goggle ad-ware,' 'Pop-ups,' or 'advertising banners,' so you won't find any of that here, BUT I do want to make a couple of bucks. Mostly what I'm selling is information. I have an Amazon store set up to sell all the books I refer to in the content, which are highlighted with a blue 'hyper-link' indication.

Eventually I'll be selling my own books as well. I have other stuff planed, but I don't want to get ahead of myself. When ever I make a 'book' or 'Web' reference in the content, there will be a link that will shuffle you to the appropriate location. I'd rather you take a look, if you're interested, where I'm directing further explanation of something; rather than, insert an ungodly mess of long citations.

Bulletin Board

The 'Bulletin Board' categorizes the different sections on that page. You can 'click' the 'section' on the 'Bulletin Board' to move to that section on the page, which might come in handy if you're revisiting the site and looking for something specific. And all my external 'links' are listed there too.


Imagine you are playing a game of Separation and now it is time for the game to end and for each of us to RE-MEMBER our separate looking selves back into the unified whole. You are NOT here to learn anything, and I'm NOT here to teach anything. This whole Web Site is a "RE-MINDER TO RE-MEMBER." So wake up and don't forget, but if you fall back asleep and do forget, this site will still be here to remind you again.


The content found here is a RE-MINDER about things you already know, but have forgotten on purpose in order to make the 'Game of Separation' as realistic as possible. Everything in life from a shoe, to your Aunt Agatha looks separate and thinks differently, but that's all part of the game. You could give your Self a pat on the back for finding your way here guiding you back home to unification.

The path Home is very narrow and the fact that you're willing to take steps toward that goal is a monumental achievement in its Self. Present Society is making your journey home pretty tough. Trust me I know how 'Wacked' that sounds, but it all makes sense eventually and now that I've spoken it out load, it will be very difficult for you to forget. We are all ONE MIND, but the paradox of unification is understood by your Self. It is now the time in human evolution of RE-MIND and RE-MEMBER this fact.

Don't Accomplish, Just Contribute

There are many people out there who know more than I do about the topics I talk about. If you're reading my stuff and feel you can add to what I'm talking about...for heavens sake say something. Drop me a line, send some feedback and make a contribution.

If you totally disagree with what I'm saying, that's your prerogative, but don't waste your time blasting me a new 'A' hole. I have nothing to prove and no need to argue. All I ask is you make sure you have a sufficient amount of objective information before you totally dismiss what I'm saying. If you've gained some understanding by reading my stuff, I would like to hear from you too. It's easy for me to encourage feedback now, but as we all know the 'net' can alter that encouragement in a heart beat. If I end up getting a tonne of mail, I won't have the time to respond to everyone personally; even though, I'd prefer to.