The Fool Meets Mystery




A SCENE: Somewhere inside a quiet Cafe' near you. The Fool stumbles in and sits down with a rather handsome, yet mysterious looking lady hidden behind a long scroll she's reading.

THE FOOL: I just don’t get it. (sigh)

MYSTERY: (peeks eye’s over top of scroll) I've been expecting you. What took you so long?

THE FOOL: My girlfriend just dumped me and my room mate spent all the rent money. I just got kicked out of my apartment, I’ve got nothing but my name, my birthday and a few personal items I through together. I've been wandering around all night and somewhere along the way this little white dog started following me and I can't get rid of it. I just don't get it! What's the point of all this suffering? (sigh) Waite a second! What do you mean you were expecting me? And what are you reading?

MYSTERY: (Roles eyes and scroll, then mutters under her breath) He can’t even ask one question at a time, what a fool. First: It's rude to ask more than one question at a time!

THE FOOL: Sorry.

MYSTERY:: As far as expecting you, just call it intuition. And what I’m reading is the truth.

THE FOOL: Truth about what?

MYSTERY:: Nothing, something, everything! Don't be such a Fool. (Winks) But I believe what you really came for was to understand the point!

THE FOOL: Ya! That's right! I do want to know what the point is.

MYSTERY:: In the immortal words of Theodor S. Geisel: "Congratulations! Today is your day. You're off to Great Places! You're off and away! You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the guy who'll decide where to go." Let's kiss.

THE FOOL: (starts to lean over the table)

MYSTERY:: (cuffs him over the head with scroll) What in heaven's name are you doing!?

THE FOOL: You said you wanted to kiss.

MYSTERY:: Do I have to explain EVERYTHING? What I said was: Let's Keep-It-Simple...Stupid! (Cuffs him again)

THE FOOL: Sorry.

MYSTERY:: There's no need to be sorry, you've just got to learn to be more aware of things and you'll know how to act more appropriately. Now, pull that compass, ruler, and pencil out of your bag, I happen to have a piece of paper.

THE FOOL: How did you know...never mind.

MYSTERY:: Now, open the compass a little, and place it as close to the centre of the page as you can. But, don't make any marks on the page. There you go! That's the point! (Starts reading scroll again)

THE FOOL: I don't get it. I thought you were going to explain the point?

MYSTERY:: That's very good. You catch on fast. Shall we continue? Ok, put the compass back were you had it. Now imagine that the blank page is 'primordial chaos.'

THE FOOL: Umm...Ok, but what's this primrose caboose whatzit now?

MYSTERY:: PRIMORDIAL CHAOS. (Waves hands in the air all mysterious like) Primordial is from Latin, it constitutes a beginning, or source. Chaos is also derived from some Latin word, which the Greeks probably pilfered from someone else, but suffice to say Chaos is something that has no order. Think about an infinite amount of invisible points floating around with no lines to connect them. Clear?

THE FOOL: Ya. Crystal. You're a good teacher!

MYSTERY:: Now, open up the compass and put the pointy end back where you started and draw a circle. That's very good. Well done. Now take your straight edge and draw a square perfectly inside the circle.

THE FOOL: (Gapes at her with utter bewilderment)

MYSTERY:: Ok, let me show you. Now let me see if I can quote from John Mitchell's book on this subject:

"...the traditional creation myth is developed and illustrated by means of geometry, the principles of which are not human inventions but are discovered ready-made in nature. Geometry, it can be said is more deeply rooted in nature than any of nature's physical products. It is the same and as true everywhere, at all times. It is even older than the world itself, for it is the art by which Spirit (sic) framed and measured out his creation. ‘Spirit' (sic) made all things in number and measure and weight', says the apocryphal Book of Wisdom. The Creator, (Big C) (sic) according to our myth, did everything in the simplest, most economical way, showing its (sic) benevolence by making its work easy for anyone to follow. The Material part of his creation was accomplished in three stages, using the first three proportions in geometry. These are π, the square root of 2 and the square root of 3."

Never mind about the ratios for now the drawing is quite fun to create and you don't need to measure anything to do it. The width inside the circle is called the diameter, and it has a unit of 1. Exactly half of the diameter is called the radius. In Geometric terms, this is a Unit Circle. I could explain it all, but we haven't got all day! You'll just have to find a book, or ask a sixth grader.

MYSTERY:Now, the first thing you're going to do is lay the straight edge horizontally across the centre of the circle and place a point on each side of the circle. You could just draw a line straight across, but it will mess up the drawing. So a couple of points on each side of the circle will do. Now you have three points straight in line. One in the centre and two more on the circle straight across from each other, each equal distance from the centre.

Next you need to perform the action of 'bisecting' this line that I just told you not to draw. All that means is we need to cut the line in two at a 90 degree angle through the exact centre of the line. We already have our original compass point, but in order to make the perpendicular line in the middle we need another reference point in which to draw the bisecting line. One point at the exact top would work, but I can assure you Spirit did not 'eye ball' anything.

So what we do is place the point of the compass on one of the points we marked on the circle then stretch the compass out a little further than the radius, yes that's correct...the point in the middle. Then draw an arc just above the centre point. Well done. Now, without changing the spread of the compass move the point over to the other side of the circle and draw another arc that crosses the first one. Now we have two points in which to 'bisect' the centre of our invisible line. Place your straight edge vertically along our two points, the original centre one and the one where the two arcs meet, and mark the circle at the top and bottom. You're a natural young man! Very good! Are you having fun?

THE FOOL: Oh ya! This is great!!

MYSTERY:: Let's continue, I'm getting hungry. Now, we create four more points, using them to draw a square in the exact centre of our circle. Simply set the compass back to the original radius. Right! you figured that out on your own, you’re catching on! Place the compass, now set back to the original radius, on the top and bottom points of the circle and mark off four arc's on the outside the circle, then move your compass to the points on either side of the circle, in turn, to draw four more arc's, outside the circle, intersecting the four arc's you already made.

THE FOOL: Gotchya! I think I can see where this is heading!

MYSTERY:Good! Now you have these four new points on the outside of the circle that you can use to draw the square inside the circle. Pick up your straight edge and lay it diagonally across the circle from arc point to arc point, through the centre point and mark the unit circle on opposite sides, then perform the same exercise with the other 'outside' arc points. If you draw the lines you will see an 'X' shape, but I don't want you to draw the lines, just mark the circle with four new points instead.

Well done! Not bad for a rank amateur! Now with these four new points on the circles circumference, we can use them to draw a perfect square with our straight edge, in the exact centre of our unit circle. Bravo!!! With the square inside the circle, the creator brought the world to order. This Particular drawing is the root of many sacred geometric designs. It establishes eight equally distant points along the 'Unit Circle' and provides the means necessary for the 'Arch Symbol' of the 'Cross,' besides the circle and square. You should be able to perform this geometric function blindfold after a couple thousand tries!

THE FOOL: A couple thousand tries!? This is so easy and fun I could do it blindfolded after a couple hundred!

MYSTERY:That's fine. Just remember that perfection is in the details young man, you're not finished. Set your compass point back in the centre of your circle and draw a second circle inside the square, then if you look in your bible under Genesis 1: "And God said, 'let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters.' And God made the firmament and separated the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament. And it was so. And God called the firmament Heaven. And there was evening and there was morning, a second day."

You just did, in less than half an hour, what took God two days. But don't get ahead of yourself. You're no God yet! You're still just a Fool with a compass. We need to draw the Earth now in perfect ratio with the other two circle's. For this we'll have to draw a couple of Triangles first; creating a hexagon in the middle of our drawing. We are going to need six point along the circumference of the inside circle, we already can make two at the top and bottom with the points we used to bisect the first circle, so we need to make four more new ones.

To perform this task, simply place the compass with its current setting at the top and bottom points of THE OUTSIDE CIRCLE, arcing off four points on THE INSIDE CIRCLE. Then use the six points on the inside circle to draw two 'equilateral' triangles in the common symbol known as the Star of David.

THE FOOL:(Looks at his teacher in silence, completely flummoxed!)

MYSTERY:Go on! Just draw one line at a time and wonder what it will look like after you draw all six! Start with your straight edge at the top of your inside circle and lay it on a diagonal to meet up with one of the bottom points you arced off! You know what a triangle looks like, just draw two of them; one upside down from the other!

THE FOOL:(Hangs tongue out right side of mouth, drawing six lines with straight edge.)

MYSTERY: Marvellous!! With complete skill you just created a perfect hexagon in the exact middle of your drawing, simply by marking those two triangles. Now, complete Spirits physical creation by drawing the last circle around the OUTSIDE of the hexagon. ..."This central circle represents the sublunary world of our existence. The ring outside it is the heavens and the outer ring is the Zodiac, the realm of the twelve gods." ~ John Mitchell, 'How the World IS Made.' Each circle is in perfect ratio to the others, creating a perfect balance. Welcome to the end of day three!

THE FOOL: Wow! Look what I drew! Its almost perfect! It was fun and easy to draw too!

MYSTERY:: And now you know how Spirit created the physical world, but Spirit didn't stop there! Oh no! In the next three days Spirit created all manner of life, but Spirit used a different kind of geometry for that. You'll just have to go buy a book, immersing yourself in the world of Sacred Geometry. I suggest John Mitchell’s book, "How the World is Made", illustrated by Allan Brown. You're going to need the knowledge anyway if you want to make it all the way to the top of the great ladder of Consciousness. I would love to explain it all to you myself, but I can't do your breathing for you; besides I have another appointment across town with another Fool.

THE FOOL: But I still don't understand what the point of everything is.

MYSTERY:: Listen carefully child and remember my words, this is important. In fact it is the most import thing I've shared with you so far. There is a very wise fellow named Hermes Trismegistus. He was known as Hermes, the Greek God of travellers and the messenger of the Gods, among other things. He was also known as the great priest Thoth to the Egyptians, and he reminded us of these:

Seven Principles, or LAWS, of the Universe.

  1. Principle of Mentalism: "All is Mind"
  2. Principle of Correspondence: "As is above, so is below. As is below, so is above."
  3. Principle of Vibration: "Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates."
  4. Principle of Polarity: "Everything is dual; everything has an opposite, and opposites are identical in nature but different in degree."
  5. Principle of Rhythm: "Everything flows, out and in; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left- rhythm compensates."
  6. Principle of Cause and Effect: "Every cause has its effect; every effect has its cause."
  7. Principle of Gender: "Everything has its masculine and feminine principles."

MYSTERY:Each item in the list above is a key to understanding how to balance any creation; from the creation of an entire Universe to the creation of a simple stick drawing. Remember: Balancing things creates beauty. The most readily available model people have for creating beautiful lives and Souls is the model Spirit shows us each and every day when we look in the evening sky and observe the celestial heavens; as well as, when we look to nature and see all her natural beauty in balance.

Taking time to ponder and ultimately KNOW the list above is a path anyone can travel in order to create a balanced life for them selves, just like the balanced life Spirit creates in the heavens and the Earth. In no time at all you drew a symbol, representing the physical world Spirit created in three days and it's just as easy to continue the drawing, including the symbols representing all manner of life. With a little study and practice we can go further than just drawing an image. With conscious intention we can remind and remember how to 'actualize' the image; by allowing our imagination come to life!


MYSTERY: I Will. "As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul..." Spirit started with a point to create all the world and you my dear Fool start with a point too! To create your living world, the point you start with is your breath.

MYSTERY:Have you ever wondered why everyone remembers their birthday?

THE FOOL: No, I never really wondered about it, but now that you mention it, it's true, everyone does remember their own birthday!

MYSTERY: Everyone who has a birthday on Earth, has a moment in time that corresponds in character with the Firmament and the 12 signs of the zodiac in Heaven? It is because this was the point in which you began your creation of your world. Now it may only take a few moments to draw a symbol of Spirits creation, and only six days for Spirit to create the actual thing, but we are Fools and it takes us life times to create, like Spirit, a perfect world for our Soul and co-create with others to create a Heaven here on Earth.

But we ALL start at the same POINT. We all start, you, I and Spirit, with a single point of breath. A perpetual flow of Masculine and Feminine Energy, readily available to move and use to create anything we can imagine. Spirit gave us all a perfect blue print in which to follow and the secrets are all provided in the Geometry (and a few other things) which are ALL simply re-minders assisting us to re-member our way back home.

But we forgot to see consciously Spirits world around us, in all its infinite forms of beauty. All that we see that is natural and balanced is the symbolism Spirit provides through our experience. It is Spirit speaking to us through each other, always, and in all ways re-minding us home to re-member our separate Selves as One, where the perfect balance of all that is begins, succeeds and ends.

THE FOOL: (begins to sob) Thank you Mystery I think I understand, and I promise to remember what you told me, You're my Guru and I love you.

MYSTERY:: I love you too child, but look at this word which you call me. Gee!-You-Are-You! All the answers to all your questions are inside you, for this is where Spirit is, as long as we All shall live. (She kisses him on the forehead and vanishes into thin air)


Well? Are you starting to connect the dots? Just for fun lets look at my fathers foundation, which I wrote about in the 'About Me' section. "The Kingdom of God lies within. God is not flesh nor blood, not man nor woman. God is the All in All. God does not condone or condemn, he accepts. To have Faith is to know that God knows what she is doing." What happens to the meaning if we substitute the word God with the word breath?

"The Kingdom of breath lies within. Breath is not flesh nor blood, not man nor woman. Breath is the All in All. Breath does not condone or condemn, it accepts. To have Faith is to know that breath knows what it is doing." Like Hermes' seventh principle we can interchange the masculine and feminine as much as we want and it all comes down to the same thing. There are TONNES of things we can do with the breath when we are conscious of it. It's magic plain and simple and there is absolutely no mystery to anything once you know the truth. I Have WAY more to say about the breath, but there's a little more ground work to cover before we get to it all. But I'm guessing you might be starting to see that I'm on to something here and maybe, just maybe, with a little self made luck we can all make it home together.