Remembering Your Character: Part 2 of 4: The Mental Body

By: Trenton McNary

A Celtic Symbol of a 'Triquetra'

Anyone can change their clothes, but who they are underneath is still the same, they just look different on the outside. Transformation, metamorphosis, or transmutation is something all together different. A transformation alters what's underneath the clothes. The image to the right is the universal symbol for 'Transformation.'

A journey within my Self, reconnecting with my Spiritual Body, transforms consciousness, making a shift in the way I perceive reality. Let's pretend that I'm ready to admit that: I AM SPIRIT, and my Human character is merely a subjective role I'm playing. With that premiss in place, I can start looking at the 'Trinity' of my character objectively. The first part of the Trinity, I want to remember, is the Mental Body and 6 distinctive parts of the Mind, which I borrowed from Carl Gustav Jung, listed below.

Keep in mind that I'm no where near as smart as Jung and I've completely over simplified his work. Although I'm in no position to write a course on Jung, his labels help organize the points I'm making. But, if my simplification peaks your interest, by all means dive into the fascinating work of Carl Jung.

With MIND, Spirit creates All; ergo, ALL IS MIND, including the Game of Separation, where Spirit allows characters to create with Free Will from their own MINDS.

For the sake of argument, let's imagine that SPIRIT, The ALL in ALL, has a lot on its plate, so to lighten its load it allows its 'Character Functions' to think for 'Their Selves.' Imagine Spirit is juggling an infinite amount of projects, not least of which is the Human Being Project, so for the most part Spirit's going to perform a little D & D; Delegation and Disappearance, where its Human Being Project is concerned.

Feel Free to Make as Big a Mess as You Like

Spirit has no problem allowing material creation, on Earth, to run wild, but Spirit enjoys beautiful things too, which is to say things in balance and ratio, just like its Self. So Spirit made sure to include the Law, or Principle of Correspondence: "As is above, so is below. As is below, so is above," while drafting up the structure for the game, making sure Spirits Creation would turn out according to Spirits Will.

Let's agree, for now, Spirit enjoys messing up Rubik's Cubes, just to put them back in order. Seeing as Spirit is always playing with an infinite array of puzzles, the Law of Correspondence allows Spirit to remain connected to the illusion of separation, here on Earth, Being Pre Formed by its Mind, ensuring the maintenance of its balanced unified whole, regardless how unbalanced separate characters on Earth allow things to get with their Free Will.

The Law of Correspondence is basically the phrase: "God created man in his own image," but, like most things explained by Christianity, that phrase leaves things a bit abstract, completely open to subjective interpretation. Consider for a moment: Man has a counter part named Woman, both of which are fallible, which indicates that God must also be fallible, being that he created man in his image.

'God' is a concept humans create without their Self, explaining all the mysterious things their characters forgot. In this regard, 'God' may indeed be fallible. Spirit; however, is a perfectly balanced unlimited unity, where nothing is fallible. Spirit creates humans. Remember: Religion is 'Man's' view of God; Spirituality is 'Spirit's' view of Man. It's simply a matter of objectivity. Book it!

Your Thoughts Project Outward from Within Your Self

The Spiritual Body of all characters is the link that connects the illusion of separation with the reality of Unity. Now, let's stretch things a bit, for the purposes of discussing the Mental Body, before I get to the meat and potatoes.

Consider: As a function of my Mental Body, my Self is the overall container for the anatomy of my psyche listed below, much like my Spiritual Body is the overall container for my Trinity, much like SPIRIT is the overall container for my Spiritual Body and the Trinity it observes, like Russian nesting dolls, or Matryoshka.

The Self, as a function of my Mental Body, represents the 'Hero' in my Mental dramas, much like my Spiritual Body represents the 'Hero' for my characters dramas. As above, so is below. If I understand that I balance my Trinity from within my Spiritual Body, must needs I also understand that I balance my psyche from within my Self. Reconnecting with the 'Self' part of my 'Mind' allows objectivity in the same way reconnecting with the 'Spirit' part of my 'Character' allows objectivity.

The reason I keep harping on about going within is because I can't transform experience by intending how others think about me. That's backward thinking, it's unsuccessful. I can only transform outward experience by intending how I think about my Self. Remember: Everything outside of my Self is still a part of my Self. That's forward thinking, it's successful. Thoughts from within project things outward, essentially creating the outer things. If I want to Transform things in my outer world, must needs I transform, or change the pictures, I'm projecting from within.

Thoughts always appear in my Mind as an image. Thoughts directing me home are inspired, which is to say they come from within my Spirit. Thoughts Pre-See what I intend to experience; thus the contention, perception creates reality. Let's begin remembering the Mental Body, keeping this preamble in Mind.

6 Basic Parts of the Human Psyche

Remember what you Forgot, by Reminding your Self to do so

When I perceive reality from without my Self I am unconscious (forget) how I create reality from within. When I perceive reality from within my Self I become conscious (remember) how I create reality without. The only way to build a balanced Soul, for the purposes of returning home and getting off the reincarnation treadmill, is to know what I'm doing and be conscious of it. Obviously I'm still unconscious of a few things, otherwise I'd be home right now with my feet up, without twisting my brain in knots trying to figure everything out!

Spiritual Self, your Spiritual Self, my Spiritual Self, our Spiritual Selves, are a pin point of Spirit's consciousness which understands all this mumbo jumbo and how to balance everything out, because all Spirit's Mind knows is Consciousness. We, as Human Characters, aren't so fortunate. Our character's Minds are Minds divided. It's called the Game of Separation, after all! Why would our individual minds be any different?

Spirit understands things as they really are, an unlimited unity, balanced in every way. The creative process back to Spirit from separate characters, through the Self, is nothing more than a huge balancing game, which I forget how to play when I start the game on my birthday. One of the biggest things out of balance is my characters MIND, which is as good a place to start remembering as any; even though, it's taken me a while to get here.

Remembering the Mental Body

Perception creates reality. Now, we all have an imagination. Feel free to argue, but it won't do any good. I know we all have one, even if some of us don't use it very often. In basic terms, our imagination allows us the ability to PRE SEE, in our MIND, what we want to create in our human experience. It's no mistake the word 'image' is a part of the words 'imagination' and 'magician.' Keep that in mind.

When I journey WITHOUT, unaware of my thoughts, I am UNCONSCIOUS of my perceptions, which is to say the 'pictures,' or 'images' I pre-see in my mind; therefore, UNABLE to direct what I create. My Mind creates its images whether or not I'm aware of them. Verstehen?

When I journey WITHIN, aware of my thoughts, I am CONSCIOUS of my perceptions; therefore, ABLE to direct what I create. In a nut shell, going within reminds me to remember how to balance things I forget how to balance while I was without.

My Mental Body, a part of my character, directs my thoughts to create whatever I imagine without prejudice, whether I am aware of my thoughts or not. The only difference between me and a magician, is magicians intend what they imagine. Intentions, unlike garden variety fantasizing, direct images from my Mind, into physical reality.

It's quite obvious that things happen around me; some pleasurable, some not so much. When shit happens, usually I haven't a clue how I created it, but I know it had something to do with the way I think, not the way someone else is thinking. When shit does happen to me, my standard rule of thumb is to ask my Self: "How did I create 'this?'" But of monumentally more import is to ask: "What Am I to remember about my Self from 'this' experience?"

It's the old 'What vs. 'Why' scenario. The question 'Why' is open ended. There could be a million reasons why shit happens, but the question 'What' pinpoints things, making whatever it is that's happening more specific to our own personal remembrance.

For now, when some-thing in your experience isn't pleasant, or even if it is, ask your Self what the experience is trying to help you remember. The question above helps to get into the habit of paying attention to things, becoming more and more aware of both Esoteric and Exoteric things for the purposes of balancing out the two side of our proverbial coin. Once I can understand what Self is helping me remember about my beliefs I can then figure out how I'm creating the experience through them. Let me offer a personal example.

Trenton's Sick!

I have been diagnosed with a nerve ailment called 'Peripheral Neuropathy.' Long story short, I need to 'detox' my liver, if not my whole body, in order to combat the symptoms I'm experiencing in my peripheral nervous system. When I'm sitting down writing, the discomfort isn't debilitating, it's just a perpetual sensation, mostly in my left foot. Then I started a job in a carpenter shoppe, which required me to stand all day. By the end of the day my foot was in agony. I really needed to address this ailment if I wanted to continue working with wood.

Often, when I get home from my day, my apartment is a mess. Dirty dishes, an overflowing garbage can, clutter and all of my stuff is dusty. So I put two and two together. Over a period of time I noticed that neither my dirty apartment, nor my toxified liver were getting much action from me in an effort to clean things up and lo and behold, both messes were increasing my displeasure.

What Am I to remember about my self from these messes? Obviously I needed to perform some action to clean things up, so on the surface it was a simple answer that I believe I'm lazy and sure enough the action to do something about the messes didn't materialize. I wanted to clean the messes, but I just never got around to addressing things. Because I believe I'm lazy. I'm not lazy, but I believed I was and the pictures in my mind were all about messy things in my word, both inwardly and outwardly.

When I took a deep hard look in the mirror, sure enough I observed my thoughts and concluded that I did in fact believe that I'm lazy. Outwardly I could easily pawn off the belief toward others who viewed me as lazy because I was writing all the time, which wasn't paying the bills; instead of, working at an actual job to earn a bit of scratch.

In essence I picked up the belief of others and my own thoughts harmonized with that of the others and sure enough observation concluded that I was being lazy, especially regarding the clean up of messes.

But what was Self helping me remember? That I'm lazy, or that I was being lazy? So I pondered that for a bit. I know I'm not lazy, so I decided that I was just being lazy. I also know how to clean both messes, so when push came to shove, the inspired thought came to me that I lacked discipline and when I paid attention to my thoughts at that moment, sure enough I could see all kinds of areas in my life where I wasn't being disciplined. All because I believed I was lazy!

So I quite thinking about being lazy and I simply got to work cleaning things up. After a week of discipline regarding my diet, I also noticed that I was spending time cleaning up my apartment. In one week both the pain in my foot and the clutter in my apartment greatly subsided. But I also know that the toxification in my body was being projected outward into my material world.

The evidence all around me was pointing out something that was happening within me. Once I started to address the inner stuff, the outer stuff started to transform too. And it only took a week to notice drastic improvement in all my messes, including earning a bit of scratch! I still have a long way to go to clean up all my messes, but now I have evidence that I'm on a successful track.

Objects Appear Closer than they Look

Now, let's consider the word Self just a little more, which I use quite regularly. For the purpose of understanding how to balance my character Mind, it's important to understand that my MIND, or Mental Body, is housed within my Self.

The Self is an expert at creating reality, because it has an objective view regarding the images it's projecting. Not to confuse things, but it's real handy to remember to keep your 'Emotions' out of the work, your 'Mind' is imagining. We'll Add Emotion later. For now, be indifferent toward the images your starting to consciously perceive. If some of the images you see, bring about uncomfortable emotions, it's a reminder that something is out of balance.

Believe me I didn't want to think of myself as being lazy, for me and the way I was raised, being lazy felt quite embarrassing, but when I was honest with myself I couldn't deny that my actions were that of a lazy person. It didn't kill me to make such an assessment, but it sure did help toward altering my actions.

When it comes to physical ailments they always seem to get worse before I'm ready to admit that I need to alter the way I'm thinking. I know a lot of very sick people who are completely unwilling to admit there beliefs need adjustment, so it saddens me to see them continue to suffer, simply because they're too afraid to admit, or understand there thoughts are creating their displeasure.

Just remind your Self that you're safe and that you're only taking a look. For now! Some things are a lot harder to admit to your Self that being lazy. Believe me it was a lot harder to sort out the fact I used to be a real prick. I could always justify my angry actions toward people who I believed deserved being treated like shit, and the Universe always had a person ready to strengthen such a belief.

In an ideal situation, the Self has a very wide perspective of things and can more readily see where things are going. The Self is like a crow sitting at the top of a pine tree. Like a crow, the Self can see danger coming way off in the distance and has a lot of protection, perched far away from anything wanting to do it harm.

If the crow wants to fly somewhere off in the distance, he doesn't have to look through anything to picture where he's going, he can pre-see above everything on the ground. But that's under ideal circumstances. Remember: Unlike our Spiritual Mind, our Characters Mind is a Mind divided.

To make the 'Game of Separation' interesting, Spirit divided its character's Minds in two, creating an imbalance within the Self, making it challenging for the Self to do its thing. On one side of the MIND there is CONSCIOUSNESS, on the other side, we have UNCONSCIOUSNESS. Right Brain, Left Brain concepts strongly go hand in hand with this idea, but remember: Your Brain is NOT your MIND! The goal, For the Mental part of our Trinity, is to RE-MIND the two separate sides back together, by RE-MEMBERING how to balance the two sides; instead of, keeping them apart unbalanced. Sounds simple enough! What's the problem?

Wall's Prevent and Villain's Guard, but Gates there are a Plenty

In extremely basic terms, the problem in balancing Consciousness with Sub-Consciousness, is a wall that Ego created, dividing the two sides. There is a gate that allows the two parts of the Mind to communicate through the wall, but the Gate Keeper, the guy who built the wall, prevents the ease of communication. EGOS ARE LOATH TO ADMIT THEY CREATE HARM.

All the different symbols our imagination is able to perceive is the proverbial 'Gate.' The wall is there so we have something to climb over, or find a way through, but even when we start reincorporating Symbols into our minds, the proverbial 'Gate Keeper;' namely, the 'Ego,' prevents the ease of communication, forcing its images to remain constant, scared to death of new ones the Self imagines. What fun would the game be without a few obstacles?

For shits and giggles, let's agree that the Ego is afraid of revealing the memories stored in the Unconscious part of the MIND and completely believes it's protecting the Self from harm by keeping those memories a secret. Keep that word 'Belief' in mind, it's a clue. Anyway, a long time ago, it created images to mask those memories from Self, in anyway.

Ego created a defence mechanism, a wall, and it appeared to work like a hot damn too, because the Self didn't know a damn thing about fear! The Ego was very proud of Its Self. With its newfangled defence mechanism, and a job to maintain it with fear, the Ego created for Its Self an identity, but only appearing separate from Self.

You Are Not What Your Ego Wants You To Believe

Remember: The Ego is a connected part of Self, erroneously believing it's 'apart' from; instead of, 'a part' of. Your hand is not only apart from your body, it's also a part of your body. For that a couple of times and you'll notice a paradox. No...not a set of foot-ware! Two separate things that are both obvious, but only appear different subjectively.

It didn't take long for problems to surface with Ego's plan. Not to mention; the problems have steadily gotten more and more out of balance over the centuries, because the Ego doesn't want to admit it's defence mechanism doesn't work anymore. If it did...the Ego would be out of a job, which is simply too scary a prospect, so Ego keeps trying to force things, maintaining its employment.

Go ahead...admit you tell lies and see how the Ego justifies things. In order to consider your Self an honest person, you have to be honest all the time, even with your Self. Especially with your Self. That's what integrity is. Without integrity things fall apart.

The images projected from the Ego, which it believes are protecting the Self, take up all the space, in the Mind, that would otherwise allow the Self to imagine new images; thus, greatly debilitating the Free Will of our characters. So the proverbial 'wall' is like an argument between Self and Ego, fighting over which images are allowed to be projected. Verstehen?

Ego is a genius when it comes to devising ways to keep those memories from the Conscious part of the MIND. Although the Ego is an expert at preventing communication, it's a complete rookie when it comes to understanding how to create a balanced Mind though, because the Ego's point of view is completely and utterly subjective.

Ego believes it knows it all, generally disregarding other points of view; thus, limiting it's options for balancing things out. If you're objective enough to see, in your outer world, that you are a 'Know it all,' it's a reminder about what your Ego is projecting.

For Now! For Now! Never Forget For Now!

The best way, I've found, to defend myself against the Ego's contention that it knows it all, is to accept things 'For Now!' 'For Now,' recited in your Mind, frees you from the 'belief' that something is right or wrong. Things are only right or wrong for as long as it takes to accept something new.

The Ego holds on to its carefully crafted images, forcing things, disregarding whether or not its methods work. Ego can be a menace, often doing things that don't work on purpose, just to be a shit, but mostly the Ego doesn't know that what it's doing is harming the Self. After all, its intentions are to protect the Self.

From an objective point of view, it's all in good fun. The trick is not being afraid of what the Ego is up to, allowing things to be what may. It can be very scary, letting go of a belief that you've held onto your whole life, in fact, some beliefs get carried over from one life to the next! Accepting something new can be challenging, which is evident by the sheer number of characters who hold on to things that don't work. Religious congregations, Government bureaucracies, and Corporate infrastructures are a few things that come to mind.

On the other hand, Self really does know it all. Self knows the easiest way to balance things, simply by allowing the balance to be. Self knows it can let thoughts go, creating space to imagine new thoughts. The trick is convincing the Ego to allow it some space and by doing so, no harm will come to the Self. However; seeing as our characters have spent the greater part of their existence listening to the Ego, it's a bit of a challenge understanding how much easier it is to be, let alone how to be.

Letting Go of the Old, Creates Space for the New

Remember: Letting go of thoughts that don't work, allowing new ones, is as easy as allowing another breath. As mysterious at that may sound right now, I promise to explain a very practical application that works miracles. For now, wonder what that explanation might be.

Everything Human Beings experience reminds them to remember how to create a balanced Soul. Even when my character falls victim to the Ego, those times too remind me, and demonstrate to me, how things don't work for the purposes of balance and succeeding home. Suffering is an absolutely fantastic reminder, allowing characters to experience things out of balance, as a consequence, greatly encouraging a character to allow things back in balance, in order to relieve the suffering and experience peace.

Peace of mind, peace emotionally, and peace with physical health too. Peace within your character is guaranteed once a character has suffered enough, but it's up to your character to decide when it's suffered enough. Never forget about Free Will. I strongly feel, those who are still reading have decided it's time for your character to experience something new and Spirit has directed you here.

Judgement is Subjective

All this is another important thing to remember, as judging the nefarious acts of Ego, as right or wrong, is subjective, which is unsuccessful and unsustainable toward carrying me home. Observing the nefarious acts of Ego, disregarding right or wrong, is obviously objective, which is successful and sustainable toward caring me home. Right and Wrong are the ultimate boundaries keeping things separate. Right and Wrong completely fall within the realm of the subjective Ego.

The trick to balancing Conscious with Subconscious, like everything else, is about paying attention. In the case of the Mental Body, our characters objective, is paying attention to thoughts. Paying attention to my thoughts within my Self enables me to catch the reminders I need to remember in order to balance things out. Some of the reminders come in the form of what doesn't work toward success, some of the reminders come in the form of what does work toward success. Pay attention to which reminder is's free, requiring no judgement, only observation. Stop worrying what everyone else is doing; instead, wonder how your Self is remembering to be.

The Collective Conscious

Now, there are a lot of Human Beings and each one of us have our own 'pictures' about how to 'pre-see' a balanced Soul, as we've been discussing, simply because most of us currently subscribe to a subjective point of view. Some of us even believe we were born with a balanced Soul, needing no attention what's so ever! Your Ego would like nothing more than for you to believe just that.

Unfortunately, regardless of what we remember, or believe, about the word Soul, most Human Beings allow their Ego's to direct the balancing process of the Mind. Whether or not you believe you were born with a balanced Soul, or it's your job to balance one that's out of whack, remembering our characters with Spirit has a lot to do with balancing our mind.

Our Ego's are preventing our Selves from balancing things in myriad of ways, not least of which is through Organized Religion. Religion has a tremendous amount of people trapped in a false understanding of who they really are at a Spiritual level. Even If you're not a church goer, the collective beliefs of Religion have a strong effect on society whether or not you want to admit it or not. Currently the conflict between Christians and Muslims is a strong indicator of things that aren't working.

Very few of us listen to our Self. Since the Ego doesn't want to be out of a job, it undermines Self, essentially prolonging the job, of balancing the Soul, part of which is the component of Mind, from completion. If Ego has its way the job will never be completed.

Free Will is a Battle Ground

Remember: Like everything else, our own individual Ego's project outward from within. Ego has a very strong WILL, forcing thoughts within Self to see things separately. But as I've already mentioned, Ego's 'Will' is unsustainable. Some things gotta give! Now is the time for Power to take over and sustain things.

The COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUS, is the totality of all the individual characters being projected, creating our current society, which is currently being directed by Ego. Our characters could just as easily project the images directed by our Spiritual Bodies, through Self. And that's the goal of Spirit, allowing characters, through Free Will, to consciously project the objective, balanced, unified images from Self, balancing the Mind part of our character's Trinities, consciously freeing our Selves from the discontinuity of the Ego's images.

If I want to transform the collective I simply have to transform the images I'm projecting from within my Self. Easier said than done, because Ego, both as an individual function and as a collective function, simply doesn't want me to do that. But I'm tired and I want to go Home! So I don't really care what the Ego wants!

"An Ascension Handbook" by, Tony Stubbs explains that the Collective Conscious is like the Ocean, and our characters are like buckets of water submerged within that Ocean. Since all the water intermingles, it's a bitch identifying my thoughts from all the rest. Altering the Ocean with my bucket of water...well you get the idea. But you may be surprised how much your little bucket of water can do! Harmonic Resonance is a very Powerful thing and you'll be encouraged by how much 'effect' can be 'caused' with your bucket once I get around to explaining Energy. You know the drill. One step at a time.

Which side of the 'Tug of War' do you belong?

For now, understand there just aren't enough Human Beings listening to the Self to overcome the WILL of the ones listening to the Ego. At the moment. Be encouraged by the fact we are connected to Spirit, of which Ego is only a part, and all through the centuries, very few characters have been able to keep the Ego at bay, with nothing more than their knowledge of the things I'm explaining here. Things are about to transform, not just change! There is a precedence for for this statement which I'll get to eventually. For now, remember to remain as objective as possible.

By all means, it's important to identify the 'problems' in order to figure out the 'solutions,' but instead of Forcefully effecting cause, by worrying about all the crap going on outside your self, gathering in groups to band against what you, and others with similar pictures, subjectively label as 'Bad,' upholding the 'Good,' go within where you can Powerfully effect cause. All by your Self! If you have ever watched any 'Star Trek" ask your Self if you want to be like the 'Borg,' or if you would rather be allowed Self determination. Resistance is NOT futile!

Look! It's me in a nut shell!

Stars Exploding out of a Nutshell

In a nut shell: In order to finish building a balanced Soul for all of society, humans who remember stuff about the process of balancing things out, knowing how to follow the direction from Self; instead of, Ego, remind the rest to fire the Ego, or at least demote it to a more suitable task. At some point the Collective Conscious will transform from being Ego driven toward being Self driven, all because Humans will realize their individual Ego's aren't worth listening to anymore.

Right now, so many characters are listening to Ego, that what I'm contending seems like a fantasy. I'm not going to deny there is a lot of work to do and it's going to take a lot of discipline to pre form that work, but I also know that I wouldn't be explaining all this mumbo jumbo if Spirit didn't have a plan.

All I ever do is wonder what that plan is, constantly reminding my Self not to worry how it's going to work out. That's were my understanding of Faith comes in. To me, Faith is knowing that Spirit knows how to Be. In a sense, surrendering to Spirit's Will allows Spirit to Powerfully overcomes what the Ego is Forcefully trying to accomplish. The battle of 'Wills' happens within me, projecting outward. I always know how the battle is going within, by observing what I see without.

When I experience things I don't enjoy, I simply have to observe my own thoughts in order to understand how I'm creating those experiences. Understanding how I'm creating my experiences is only half the battle though. I still have to remember how to create space in my Mind, in order to project and intend new images that I imagine, in order to create experiences that I enjoy.

This particular process initially takes a lot of discipline, because the ever alert Ego will undermine my efforts at every turn. Discipline, at its root, really is a battle of Wills. My Spiritual Self vs. My characters Ego Self. The battle is easily won by Spirit when I remember the Ego is forcefully holding it's images in place.

It's so easy to powerfully allow Spirit's images, that I'm surprised I'm one of the only characters who talks about it, recognizing Powers effectiveness. Most healers, I've come across, seem to focus on one part of the Trinity, trying unsuccessfully to balance the whole. Balancing the Trinity is as easy as taking a breath! How hard is it to breathe? Seriously! I'm really looking forward to explaining my technique. One step at a time!


In a backward way, that's what Christians attempt to do when they "Accept Christ into there Heart." Somewhere along the way Christians have forgotten that they become 'Christ' them Selves, once they remember how to balance their character; in turn, creating a balanced Soul. In my observation, Christians and other members of other organised religions, seldom experience the Power of being Christ Within themselves, constantly holding on to outmoded beliefs and Dogma that only manages to keep Egotistical Priests in Power.

When Christ stated, in the Bible: (Which incidentally I cast a dispersion upon, disbelieving it as fact that some historical figure named Jesus actually stated such a thing) "I Am the way." I contend that what the scripture is talking about is emulation. The Scripture is reminding the flock, of which I am a part, how to balance our own characters, which 'Christ' is demonstrating. If I really want to experience Christ, in my objective view, I simply have to emulate what the Symbol of 'Christ' is demonstrating. It's completely backwards to think something, or someone, outside my Self is the way to heaven.

The Kingdom of God lies Within. The Christ Myth is ancient, originating way, way before the advent of Christianity, having its roots based in Astro-Theological tradition. When I read the word 'Christ' MY Mind interprets that word symbol as a specific High Frequency 'Energy Gestalt,' for which I am not only capable of achieving within my Self, but also a state of Being which I am purposefully here on Earth to consciously experience with Free Will. Read some Gerald Massey, or Alvin Boyd Kuhn if you care to add some objective information to your repertoire of knowledge. Thus ends that diatribe!


Keep in Mind the process succeeds from the inside out. No amount of tinkering with society and the many mechanisms it uses to unsuccessfully balance things will make any significant transformations. Governments; Religions, Corporations, Science, Health Care, Mass Media, etc, are under the influence of the Ego. All of which are doing things backwards, which is evident for anyone paying attention!

Consider your life like a projection on a movie screen. The only way to view something different is to switch out the film being projected. How else could you see something different without changing what's projected? But for some reason, the Ego has most of us believing that we can see a different picture by watching the same movie from a different seat! This is the very definition of insane.

The Ego is like a bad weed. Every time you think you've gotten rid of it, it rears is ugly tentacles again, growing out uncontrollably all over the land. Plus, this weed's got weapons. Its favourite one is a whip it calls 'FEAR.' Every time Ego cracks its whip a SHADOW appears across the land. The Ego hides in the shadows, preventing Self from finding it, in order to pull it out.

When Self does find the Ego in a shadow, fear of the shadow keeps the Self from pulling out the dreaded Ego weed. There are a lot of shadows and each one needs light shone on it, revealing the Ego, which has to be pulled out, or the Ego will spread out again. So every Self who wants to control the Ego, has to do there fair share of 'shadow work,' overcoming fear in the process.

Shadow Work

The general problem with Society all over the planet is the villain who currently runs the show. The collective Ego is like the 'Spectare' organization, from The 'James Bond' films. As individuals and as a collective society we need to dispatch hero's, like 007 and take back control. I rely heavily on the word Self. Self is the Hero. Within the Self is an individuals ability, to wrestle back control from the Ego. The Ego keeps control by keeping us away from the Self. This is evident when we consider how deeply society is committed to 'Group Think.' In today's society, it is the person who strives to be with Self who is considered subversive and out of cinch. 'Group Think' is evidence that Ego is running amok.

If you consider the fact that society is deteriorating more and more as we steadily adhere to collectivism, it is insane to think that belonging to a group is the means for our individual and collective salvation. It may seem backward that going within ones Self is the means toward Group peace, but that's the only way to do it! 'James Bond' Always manages to take on the Evil organization by himself, all be it with a little help from his friends.

Who the hell wants to do that? Being a secret agent is dangerous work; even though, it looks like a hell of a lot of fun with some pretty cool rewards! We all love being a part of a group, it gives us a sense of security, but its part of the Ego's defence mechanism and it's a false sense of security. Connecting to a group is an artificial way for Ego to prescribe Unity. It gets characters about as close to Real Unity as eating all the 'Smarties' in the box before sharing them with your friends.

Being With Self Sounds Like a Wacky Way to Create Common-Unity

It sounds, even to my ear sometimes, like Being with Self is contradictory to Unification. Always keep in mind that in reality, The REAL YOU, has never been separate from All the other REAL YOUS that only appear separate. It's a paradox and an illusion that Unity allows one thing to appear separate. 'Group Think' is just another method Ego uses to force separation. A Separation that only exists in Ego's Mind. Benefits far out way the effort involved in wrapping your brain around it all. Get that Rubik's Cube put back together, by figuring it out your Self! No one else can do your breathing for you.

Now I'm not advocating the dismantling of 'groups,' but I do advocate that within your group you remain your Self, keeping your own council about who you want to be, paying attention to those who want to make you just like them. Insecurity is an inherent part of playing The Game of Separation, and it's completely natural to seek security within a group, but unfortunately it won't get you any closer to Home.

Keep in mind too, that separation is an illusion, no matter how real the game appears. Within Self is the path to dissolving the illusion so that you can remember that you've never been separate from the group and never could be. Security is found within your Self, not without your Self. Being a part of a group lies outside your Self.

Let Go of the Fear that holds you to Force

You might say to yourself that you don't have the time, money or energy to make a personal transformation and you might also believe that I'm full of shit and the stuff I'm talking about is WAY too out there for you to think about. In fact most of you won't get past the first few pages because most of what I'm writing about just doesn't jive with all the stuff you've already been told. What will it cost you to pay a little attention as you go about your busy day anyway?

The Ego wants you to give up. It doesn't want you to even consider what I'm reminding. Ego wants you to be afraid of remembering the solution, because it hasn't any Power to take on a bunch of Hero's, because it only knows how to control things by Force.

What if you had a list? What if you had a list that identifies Forceful things with there Powerful counterpart? What if you had a list of dualities that offered you a means to pay attention to what you're afraid of letting go? What if that list provided a means to move away from Force back toward Power simply by adjusting the way you thought about things? Would it matter how long the list is? Every moment in time allows you a breath to pay attention no matter what else you're doing. Would such a list make it easier to transform things? Darn Toot'n!

To be honest, I used to have a lot of trouble with shadow work. It seemed wherever I looked for understanding about shadow work, the explanation was so obscure that I couldn't make any headway toward letting go of my fears. How many of you have sat with a friend, or counsellor, who asked you: "What are you afraid of?" MAN!!! I don't know!!! Plus...I DON'T WANT TO LOOK AT MY FEARS! THEY'RE SCARY, THATS WHY I'M AFRAID OF THEM!

My only reassurance, to those of a sceptical nature, is that I'm not here to teach you anything new, I'm only facilitating a reminder about things that you already know, but have simply forgotten and I'm going to lay everything out step by step in as simple a format as I can muster and I'm offering easy ways to make the transformation. I've tried things the hard way, a lot, I prefer easy. If you decide to keep reading you'll notice that we all can relate to the problems that surround us, which I'll be pointing out as we read along, but what I'm ALSO going to do is provide some easy solutions to all those problems that we all relate to.

Believe it or not I have a list that I use to go about my shadow work. Now, this page is already getting quite long so you'll just have to be patient and keep reading until I offer up some balancing techniques. Shadow Work can be bloody fun! You just tackle each point on the list, one at a time, paying attention to the things on the list as they come up from day to day. You'll be amazed at how your outward Stuff transforms as you knock off each item on the list, without a fear in the world. Just wait and see!

Let's sum up...again!

Look objectively at the YOU who is reading this as a character playing a game. The MIND which is imagining the game is connected to YOUR characters Mind through the Self.

Within the SELF are all the various parts, or components of the 'Mental Body,' which, guy's like Fromm, Freud, Jung and McNary have labelled; 'The Anatomy of the Mind,' in their attempts to understand and explain things. Your character's Mind is a little different from your SPIRITUAL MIND in the sense that your Character's Mind is 'divided.'

Your character's MIND is divided in two. The two sides are called UNCONSCIOUS and CONSCIOUS. In order to understand things a little easier, let's pretend that SELF lives on the conscious side and EGO lives on the Unconscious side. SELF is a master balancer, EGO is a master unbalancer. Self uses Powerful means, successfully balancing and sustaining things, Ego uses Forceful means, unsuccessfully balancing and sustaining things; instead, unbalancing things un-sustainably.

The two sides are at odds with one another for the purpose of playing the game of separation. The two sides can communicate with each other through symbols. The communication can bring the two sides back together in balance.

The Ego is a bit of a prick though, avoiding, stifling, and otherwise preventing communication, keeping the memories, on its side, needed for RE-MINDING and RE-MEMBERING, a secret.

Lots of Human Beings listen to the Ego side, very few listen to the SELF side. The unbalancing act of the Ego, wilfully forces individual character's AND the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS to remain unbalanced. Remember that word 'FORCE,' it's a clue for remembering how the Ego unbalances things!

The EGO hides in SHADOWS within the Mind, keeping it safe from getting fired by the SELF. The Self has to overcome fear by doing shadow work in order to discipline the EGO so it can build a balanced bridge between the two. Overcoming fear makes the Self very powerful. Remember that word 'POWER,' it's a clue for remembering how the Self balances things!

This whole drama is happening on micro-cosmic and macro-cosmic levels. All the way down to the 'protons, neutrons, and electrons' that compose atoms. All the way up to the 'stars, planets, and other celestial bodies' that compose universes. The drama is part of every individual as well as society in general. When you adjust the way you think in one causim, effects are easily recognizable both up and down the ladder. It's a cool thing to witness and it will blow your Mind at how easy it is, just by paying attention to points on a list!

Solutions are Free

Ironically the solutions don't cost anything to apply aside from a bit of discipline to regain the knowledge that's been forgotten by the greater part of humanity. It doesn't matter if you've accumulated 10 Billion dollars worth of stuff, of if you travel around the World with nothing but a back pack and $5.00 in your jeans. Paying attention to how you think and making adjustments to those thoughts doesn't cost anything and can be done from anywhere. I'll BE where I'm AT! Believe me...the solutions have always been there too, but the 'forces that be' have gone to great lengths, with constant vigilance to keep us from remembering, too afraid to create anything new.

My efforts are to help anyone interested to break the fetters of ignorance, that in the end we can all be free to live lives of worth, purpose, joy, happiness, love and all the other great things that make life worth living, including being part of a common-unity, unimpeded by the boat loads of crap that our present society forces upon each and every one of us.

I've probably started this website 1000's of times, trying to figure out were to start, attempting to remember were I started this process of transformation myself. The simple fact is: there are so many different aspects and concepts to my point of view that it's been a great challenge figuring out the best way to help readers make sense of it all.

Through my years of study; however, I have discovered that each concept is equally important and the point where transformation takes place is the point where all the various principles come together, not necessarily placing one concept, or idea, first and then chronologically adding things up in a linear manner; but rather, fulfilling that old axiom of Aristotle's that contends: "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." I treat all of my ideas as simultaneously important, all of them working interdependently together to form a larger picture from all the puzzle pieces I've found through my observation and digging around.

Reality is Created From the Inside Out

Fortunately, the basic premiss of everything I share can be pinned down within one simple phrase, one that I've been redundantly stating over and over again. Like a table where I'm going to set my puzzle together, the point of view, which I'm piecing together, begins, continues and ends with the phrase: Reality is created from the inside out. Experiences are created from the Images your Mind projects outward from within.

I often ask people a simple question. Name the seven directions of the universe. Most people are able to identify six of them; North, South, East, West, Up and Down, but the seventh direction is the most important one and rarely ever postulated by the various people I ask.

Regardless of their degree of intellect; geographic origin, religious background, or level of education, most people just don't know that going within themselves is a direction anyone may go. Going within seems to be the last place anyone looks in order to solve whatever problems they encounter. Ironically, we all find what we're looking for in the last place we look.

Equally Ironic is the Seven directions are symbolized by one word: META. Anytime you see that word, stop and consider the conotation that the word, at it's root, is symbolizing seven directions to look, all of which balance out, once you observe the symbol from Within.

Each concept can be pondered and studied separately, gaining understanding, then at some point, once a multitude of understandings have formed, they can be placed together, like the haphazard construction of a puzzle, in order to see a larger picture. Since we have to think about it all, considering and pondering all the reminders, it seemed logical to address the Mind and the challenges of understanding it, at the beginning. After all; ALL is MIND!

Your Life is Created by YOU!

If I view my world and the experiences I have, as my greatest personal creation that I am solely and completely responsible for and I also simultaneously view everyone in my reality as part of my Self, then I can go forward with my creation without the weight of judgement, interfering with the reality I want to create; therefore lightening the load I place on myself, directing my energy toward my creation; rather than, wasting my energy to control, manipulate, or otherwise coerce each separate part of me to create what I think "they" ought to be creating.

With this particular line of thinking I am not only free to create what I want, but I am also able to allow the other parts of myself to create what they want and in the end each separate part joins together, each making a contribution to the puzzle with they're own free will; instead of, each separate part imposing they're free will upon the other parts.

Of course, not all individuals will share this point of view, that's just part of the game. But who each of us are and what we intend to create is not dependant upon anyone else's point of view. I contend that allowing free will for others is the easiest way for others to allow my own. My contention can only be proven with practice and experience, at some point making it Self evident. The mere reading of such a contention provokes argument and argument happens when subjective points of view lack objectivity.

The Game of Separation is intended to imbalance things for the simple goal of reminding and remembering how to consciously put things back in balance. Although our Characters Mind can think anything it wants, Spirit also provided a means for guiding us toward the easiest way to balance out what our Ego sees as separate and our Self understands as Unity. Along with paying attention to how we think, we can also become aware and conscious of how we FEEL. Our feelings guide the balancing process. Let's move on to Stage 3: Remembering 'The Emotional Body.'


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