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The Magician

I Am a conductor of spiritual light with the intention of manifesting heaven on earth.
I Am the creator of all that I imagine, with skill I will the abundance of eternal worth.
All that I see with my eyes, for me it is no surprise
i use my breath and move the light within my minds eye i use imagery of sight

this I know to my true It is I who withness a sky so blue
if I didn't see thes things they wouldn't be there
take that you dirty rat
this I say to you you are a bird for you once flew

pick pick pick you're no prick
loosy goosy fabled mercy
the edmonton oilers
are the cup champions

ryming couplet time


The Seven Principles of the Universe ~ Hermes Trismegistus.

"The Principles of Truth are Seven; he who knows these, understandingly, possesses the Magic Key before whose touch all the Doors of the Temple fly open." ~ The Kybalion.

To Be a Magician; a person who makes manifest physical matter with the power of intentionally directing energy, an understanding of these seven principles are necessary. The more you increase your understanding of these seven principles, by adding knowledge, the more skill you will gain in making manifest matter. The Magician is the epitome of being able to bridge the gap between heaven and earth, between 'nothing' and 'something.' WE ALL HAVE THE POWER OF THE MAGICIAN WITHIN US!

Everything I write about can be tested against these seven principles. If I want it ALL externally, I'm going to go after it ALL from within my Self, not without my Self. The first time the idea of going within my Self appeared; I was very young. I remember the concept felt daunting because it was a completely foreign and unfamiliar concept; however, going within my Self is now a common practice. It might sound like a daunting practice, but all that is essentially involved is being aware of breathing and imagery. Once you start gaining momentum, things go more easily. The Seven Principles, described below, are the foundation one builds upon when going within. These Principles allow an understanding of energy and how energy can be utilized to create matter with intention. With familiarity of these principles we gain knowledge and skills necessary to create beauty (balanced form) upon that solid foundation. With any luck we can have a little fun with this process. Enlightenment starts with understanding the "Mind". Let's start there.

All is Mind

Enlightenment is a big concept and it will take a little time to wrap our brain around it, but I’ve got to start somewhere. Today I’m going to look at this elephant of a word and see if we can take a few bites out of it. My biggest concern with explaining this word is making the explanations too heavy. I don’t want anyone to role there eyes and tune out just yet. So I AM going to take things one step at a time, use a tonne of metaphors, make the process fun and lighten things up. And by all means give me some feedback so I know how I’m doing; so I can make adjustments if need be.

According to our buddy Hermes, his first principle is: “All is Mind.” Now think about it. If you couldn’t think you wouldn’t be concerned with anything, let alone a concept as big as enlightenment. Enlightenment has many synonyms. It could be referred to as: Heaven, or the Kingdom of God, if you’re into yoga, raising the Kundalini is enlightenment. There are probably dozens of labels we could find for this concept, but for my purposes I’m going to use the word enlightenment to symbolize the vast concept of having it all spiritually; which clears the way for everything else imaginable. Consciousness goes hand in hand with this concept too; which is another big concept that no one in there right mind wants to think about either, so we’ll use our entire mind to keep things simple.

The path from where you stand presently toward enlightenment is followed along the path of the mind. The mind is divided into an array of terms like; ego, sub-conscious, unconscious and consciousness. Forget all that, it’s just confusing. For now, just think of “mind” as: 1. The stuff you are aware of, 2. The stuff you’re not presently aware of, and 3. The stuff you intend. As one example, consider your breathing. How many people are aware of their breathing throughout the day? It’s such an automatic thing that most people don’t even realize that they are doing it. Once you start becoming aware of it though; magic starts happening before your very eyes. In essence you and I are going to see if we can become enlightened by thinking our way there, by becoming more and more aware of all the stuff we’re not aware of right now. And I promise you, along the way we can all accumulate a whole whack of material stuff that we also want, but keep in mind; the closer you get to enlightenment the less you will value material accomplishments. Rest assured that a state of being known as enlightenment is WAY more fulfilling than any amount of material gain you can dream of.

Anybody reading this, including the guy writing it, can think anything they want for free. There aren't any costs involved, but there are prices to pay for thinking things that don’t jive with how we feel about those things. Feelings are also thoughts. No one knows how they feel unless they think about it. Some things in our life feel great, some things…not so much. STOP READING and find a coin! I’m making a point here, just do it. Ok, you just demonstrated to yourself how easy it is to create physical matter with your thoughts. You can even feel the coin in your hand. THINK ABOUT THAT! On one side of that coin, you’ve got in your hand, is the way you think, and on the other side is how you feel. To Be, Do, or Have the whole coin we just have to figure out how to match what we think with how we feel. Don’t worry, just wonder how I’m going to explain it.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. We all want to be enlightened. Those nagging feelings we all have about something missing in our life are all about wanting to be enlightened. Whether you believe me right now or not, the whole reason you are breathing right now, and found your way to this very interesting Web Site, is because your Soul purpose in life is to remember you are an enlightened Being and your life is symbolic of the fact you’ve completely forgotten this truth about your Self. All the things you DO in your life are reminding you to remember how to BE. If this truth has never occurred to you before, that's just because you've never been conscious of the idea. Before now that is. If you stick with me for a while I have faith and confidence that you will completely understand what I’m talking about eventually. Let us set things up by thinking of consciousness as a ladder leaning against a castle wall during a siege. In this way we can start to get a grasp on this whole "Mind" thing.