The Game of Separation

By: Trenton McNary

What if we imagine our experiences here on Earth, as characters subjectively living along a circle, playing a game of separation. Each step we take moves us away from our unified starting point, until each successive step allows everything to appear separate, but also moves us closer and closer back to the unified beginning. It's no mistake that the first and last card of the Major Arcana of the Tarot Deck is 'The Fool' card. It's also no mistake that the 'number' associated with 'The Fool' card is the #0. We all start as fools, moving around in circles without a clue. As we move around the circle we gather some clues.

While moving forward, always remember to begin a new understanding with the phrase: 'For Now.' Inevitably, as we move around the circle, new information gets added to what we already gathered. If we remember to say; "This is what I believe 'For Now,' we won't ever limit ourselves to a single belief; instead, allowing ourselves to gain details and add understanding to our subjective beliefs, always moving closer and closer to the objective reality that we all share.

Objectively speaking: SPIRIT IS ALL There IS

Keep in MIND, my use of the word Spirit, is meant to indicate ALL! There is no such thing as your Spirit, or my Spirit. But 'SPIRIT' can be broken down into parts, in order for the limits of our brain to understand its details. This is where the word 'Meta' can be noticed; as in, the word 'Metaphor.'

Metaphors allow our brains to break things down, comprehending the complexities of the whole. Parables are often used to explain the complexities of spiritual matters, but once again, 'parables' are just a kind of metaphor that use nature to symbolize how to apply natural balance to our character's lives.

Allegory is another similar term, bridging abstract concepts with concrete examples, so our linear brains can understand the simultaneous nature of the mind. Symbolic pictures are basically many metaphors wrapped together, allowing our 'conscious' MIND (stuff we remember) to communicate with our 'sub-conscious' MIND (stuff we've forgotten)

For Now, think of the conscious mind as being kind of linear, understanding things in a chronological order; where as, the sub-conscious mind is non-linear, being able to understand things simultaneously. This is why I've chosen the 5 categories of study I've chosen and why Tarot Cards, as one example, come in so handy.

The 78 cards in a normal Tarot deck help the 'Conscious' part of our MIND to communicate with the 'Sub-conscious' part of our MIND, just like Sacred Geometry, Numerology, Kabbalah and Astrology do, in there own way.

Before we begin to understand the workings of our subjective characters, it may be helpful to understand the objectivity of Spirit. Let me briefly discuss Objectivity and Subjectivity in order to get things rolling.

Subjectivity and Objectivity: Two Side of The Same Coin

Subjectivity, in a nut shell, is two people arguing over 'right and wrong.' Subjectivity maintains separation. Objectivity allows two people to see that there isn't any 'right or wrong.' Objectivity maintains unification.

Entire philosophies have been created around each of the two terms and both can make sense. My point is: Both points of view are 'right, or 'wrong,' depending upon what kind of boundary a characters mind is trying to create.

For purpose toward getting my character Home, I'm trying to comprehend the abstraction and conundrum of 'non' boundary, or limitlessness and for this I have to grow an objective point of view. Infinity has no bounds, so let's make the attempt; speaking in basic terms with the understanding that we can always find something to argue about.

Subjectivity limits an individuals point of view; whereas, objectivity broadens the point of view considerably, including all subjective points of view. This can get bloody confusing to sort out because there are countless subjective points of view and everybody is arguing which one is right!

Remember: From the Objective view point of Spirit, which created your Character, ALL is completely unlimited, unified and balanced. From the Subjective view point of Character, which was created by Spirit, All appears limited, separate and unbalanced.

Spirit designed character for the purpose of allowing character to consciously 'Build a balanced Soul;' however, this isn't like playing on a teeter-tauter. Building a balanced Soul is more than balancing two things. Often, balancing a Soul requires balancing many separate things together; ALL at once.

Thankfully we have an internal guidance system designed specifically for the task, which I'll get around to explaining. For now, it is totally worth while to understand when you're point of view is subjective and when it's objective. We all have to exercise discipline in order to pay attention when we're doing which.

A subjective point of view will normally have a belief attached to it. Objectivity is an exercise of letting go of attachment to belief. In literary terms, there are a variety of 'points of view,' all of which are valid, but all of them can be understood as either being objective, or subjective.

How Objective can You Be?

A subjective point of view: I want to create a beautiful life and I know that balanced form creates beauty. The meanings I place on my life with the thoughts I imagine and the emotions I express are the forms and boundaries I place for my life. When I was unaware of this process the creation was being created sub-consciously. When I became aware of this process the experiences I create became conscious.

An objective point of view: Balanced form creates beauty. Consciousness is unlimited unity of Being. When consciousness intentionally places meaning on something, through thought and emotion, boundaries and forms are created in order for consciousness to see a world of separate things. But ultimately all things that are limited and separate are an illusion because the separate things are a composition of consciousness, which in itself is an unlimited unity.

Objectivity moves your awareness of 'I' to a point of view where you see your character acting out the game from a wider perspective, like viewing yourself from the corner of your room, as your character looks around the room while your starting to fall asleep; instead of, seeing only what your character sees through it's limited perspective, like being in the bed, looking around your room while trying to fall asleep.

The Greatest Objectivity Is Inside Out

This last statement might be a bit confusing, considering how much emphasis I put on 'Going Within.' Consider now that what I emphasise is about 'Going Within YOUR SPIRIT SELF,' which is where you uncover a wider more objective perspective. In very basic terms, being a Spiritualist is nothing more than consciously projecting an objective point of view. Going within is where YOUR CHARACTER knows it is connected with SPIRIT. Being without is where YOUR CHARACTER believes it is dis-connected from SPIRIT.

Spirit sees everything from a distance, even though you connect with it from within your character. Personally, I struggled with this concept for years. I finally understood when I was riding my bike across a bridge one morning.

The Sun was shining, but instead of viewing the Sun shining down on me, I purposefully viewed the Sun being projected from within myself outward. This statement appears to be ridiculous. Everyone knows the Sun is an object at relative distance from a guy riding a bike across a bridge.

The Sun is Shining

BUT, would that guy be able to view the Sun at a distance if he wasn't paying attention to it? If he didn't have the consciousness to see the object? This is important to comprehend, as our characters go about applying the rules while playing the game.

Let me try and explain things further with a Geometric explanation of how Spirit went about creating many separate looking things, from one thing. Creating 'The Game of Separation.' Somebody else probably explains this whole process a lot better than I do, perhaps adding dates and a time line to everything. My explanation is intended to be rudimentary at best, initiating curiosity for the reader, provoking a desire to expand a conscious understanding of things that have many parts and pieces; yet ALL originate from ONE thing.

Feel Free to find other explanations, they'll only help you understand more fully. One great additional explanation is found in Tony Stubb's book: "An Ascension Handbook." Other nifty explanations come from experts found in the area of Sacred Geometry. When you understand the book of "Genesis" from an Astrological point of view, that's a great explanation too.

In The Beginning

Imagine for a moment that before the concept of 'Life on Earth' began, the creator of the concept desired to know more about it’s Self, deciding to use its pure light energy, from which it is made, and dencify the light to such an extreme that it could create matter out of the light.

The creator, which I label, 'SPIRIT,' or 'The ALL In ALL,' imagined a Material World; a heavy, limited, physical frightening illusion of which 'SPIRIT IS NOT,' to be in direct contrast to the light, unlimited, divine, loving reality of which 'SPIRIT IS.'

Remember: You are the creator. You are Spirit. If you find this hard to believe, it's only because you've forgotten. On purpose, I might add! Let go of the idea that some "God," outside of your Self, is doing all the work. It's time to give your self some credit for the ineffable creator YOU ARE!

Spirits process for dencifying light energy needed to go through various stages before the physical illusion could be realized, like a person being at the top of a ladder, able to see a large panoramic view, then climbing down the ladder to experience a different perspective.

Of course the whole process happened in an instant. Simultaneously. Our brain will only be able to comprehend the magnitude of the creation if we make it look like Spirit did things in a chronological order. Geometry is a great way to help our brain comprehend simply, without being simplistic.

Now Remember Cause and Effect: It's About Time!

Keep in mind that cause and effect happen simultaneously. Spirit designed 'time' to allow the Human Brain the ability to differentiate between cause and effect, essentially slowing down the process for the purpose of dissection.

Many mathematical formulas have the element of time deeply embedded as a physical variable, but when physicists break things down at a quantum level, often their old formulas break down too. It's hard for people who like to prove things to let go of things that don't work. Past, present and future appear to be in reality, but alas, 'time' is just an illusion.

Don't give yourself brain cramps trying to figure it out. You don't need to fully understand simultaneous time in order to manifest desire. Besides, as a human character, you'll follow a step by step process in succession in order to create consciously anyway.

Not being able to see as far has limitations, but playing a character within a material world, allows Spirit to look at specific things within the big picture more clearly; thus, allowing 'Its Self' to grow and become more, simply because Spirit intends to do so.

Step One: A Thought

Circle Dot

The first stage was identifying something. Creating 'Something' from 'Nothing.' The 'Point in the middle of the circle represents 'Nothing,' the 'Circle' represents 'Something.' Ironically; the 'Circle Dot' image is understood as 'ONE' to the sub-conscious mind. An 'egg,' or the construction of an 'atom' are metaphors for this symbol.

Once SPIRIT has 'ONE' thing, Spirit continues on, taking apart Its Self / It's Self, or more parts from Its Self / It's Self, that of an Unlimited Unity. Creating Two circles, Spirit essentially creates more of something.

Imagine a biological cell, dividing 'its self,' into two. The new cell became its own self in the same likeness of the original. This first stage, of 'part-taking' began Spirit's intention to create a reference against Its Self, in order and in balance, for the sole purpose to observe Self.

Consider: If YOU were always in the light, how would YOU know the light without darkness in contrast? Without cold winter days, how would you know what a warm summer day is? If YOU are always awake, how would you know YOU are awake unless you also know what it means to be asleep?

Step Two: A Feeling

A symbol of two circles side by side

The two Circles side by side, look like the symbol for 'infinity,' or a 'lemniscate.' This symbol represents how everything separate is still like the original circle, without beginning or end. The point where the two circles meet can be understood as a 'fulcrum,' balancing two identical characteristics, that only appear separate.

A further idea occurred to Spirit at this stage. In order to differentiate the two identical circles from each other, Spirit gave them each two different sets of 'characteristics.' For shits and giggles, lets imagine that Spirit named these two different sets of characteristics: 'Masculine and Feminine.'

Both circles would have both sets of characteristics, in fact ALL the separate parts would have both masculine and feminine characteristics, but to know each set, one circle would be dominant in the masculine, while the other would dominate in the feminine. The interaction between the two circles would allow each to remember the other, while simultaneously remaining their own separate thing for observational purposes. Men are different from women, it's an obvious fact, but both are Human.

Vesica Pisces Symbol

Two circles, being what they are, having no beginning, or end and also being a perfect likeness of Self, would eventually become ONE again after fully examining each other as separate. Between the two opposing characteristics of masculine and feminine, an infinite array of feelings, or sensations allow expression for what Spirit is experiencing, while pretending to be separate. Expression gives life to the image of something. Even a flower expresses beauty.

Spirit created a divine paradox, simultaneously starting an illusion of separate images and feelings, all the while remaining within the reality of unification. To become One again, the two different parts would have to remember how to balance their characteristics together, not just by imagining them, but feeling them too. Feelings don't get as much press as thoughts do, but they are an integral part of the Human creation.

But the two circles need to examine each other in order to do this. When the two circles begin to join, they create the symbol of the 'Vesica Piscis,' Symbolizing the beginning of the reunification process.

Ying Yang Symbol

What the hell! Let's call such a joining 'A Divine Proposal.' Remember: A divine marriage is ONE were separate masculine and feminine characteristics join together in perfect balance, making 'balance' a very important concept to remember, while being separate. The Image to the right is everyone's favourite ancient symbol for balance, including masculine and feminine.

Once both sets of characteristics figure each other out, they return to 'One' circle, over lapping each other in perfect balance, symbolized by the Yin Yang Symbol.

At this point Spirit's creation was starting to come together, but Spirit wanted to separate it's Self even further, into a material creation. Spirit's light energy of love would require more densification.

Step Three: Action

Three Over lapping Circles

Spirit then set thoughts and feeling into action, by adding a third circle. The two separate things called Thought and Feeling, together in balance, where still not a material creation at this point, but Being The All In All, and All Being MIND, the task was another joy to imagine and create. The third circle representing the material world, would put Spirit in action.

Keep in Mind, to keep things in the UNI-VERSE balanced, Spirit created what was Below it; the same as what was Above it in perfect likeness to Its Self.

Spirit employed the rules, tempering its creation. The 'Hermetic Laws' identifying; cycles, rhythms, polarities, vibration, causes and effects for the purpose of balancing and joining points of nothing and their ordered somethings together, which like Its Self are everything. Temperance is how Spirit's material world works in balance.

Now that Spirit has three separate 'somethings,' in likeness to Its Self, Spirit can go about adding more and more circles, and lining up more and more points, overlapping and joining everything together in an infinite amount of ways, all the while keeping everything together in perfect ratio and balance.

Spirit's Material World is created, by separating Its Self into boundaries of all kinds of different shapes and sizes, Spirit also gave the universe life, by adding feeling to the mix. Eventually, Spirit put it's thoughts and feelings into action, creating colourful beings, or 'Hue Man' Beings; once again, components of Its Self.

Spirit is pure light energy, infused with an essence we call love. In contrast to this pure light energy is something called 'Matter.' To experience this pure light energy within a material character, becoming 'Spirit in Action,' is what the 'Game of Separation' is all about. But the whole enterprise was always meant to be enjoyable.

Play it Again Sam!

Spirit also decided to turn this whole creative process into a game. Separating its Self into parts and pieces was fun enough to call it that. The Human parts, acting out experiences in a World called Mother Earth are meant to have fun while 'part taking.'

These experiences, we all have, are also intended for the purpose of growing a balanced Soul, through conscious Will. The better a human is at the game of separation, the closer the Soul looks like Spirit, which is to say, the creative process of humans is the process of rejoining separate things back into balance, consciously. Experience reminds humans how to do it. Gaia provides the material for the experience and the Zodiac provides the blue print.

Humans, in all their creative genius, create in exactly the same way as Spirit, separating parts of their Selves in a variety of ways, each play out certain and specific roles, or functions, of Self. Once again, for the sole purpose that “SPIRIT” comes to know more about Its Self through humans experiencing Life in a game of separation on Gaia while they look to the Stars for guidance.

This particular creative process can easily be understood as a game of separation, because that's exactly what it IS. Remember: Be like little children and wonder about things in a playful way; rather than, worrying about things in a stressful way. It's not that you don't know what's going on, it's just that you don't remember. Don't DO, just BE!

The easiest way to maintain the balance is to allow the balance to BE. Figuring out how to be is a matter of understanding things as objectively as possible. We are Human BE-ings, not Human DO-ings. With a little practice, it's easy to draw a circle and add to the circle in balanced ways to draw something like the image below. I procured the image below from John Mitchell’s book, "How the World is Made", illustrated by Allan Brown.

Once again: Let's Sum-Up

Geometric Design of The Heavenly City

Spirit first had a creative impulse to have some fun and separate itself into something that looked separate by breaking itself up into parts and pieces. The first part was creating something from nothing, creating ONE. Once Spirit had One (Circle Dot,) It created Two (Lemniscate,) then it joined Two together creating (Vesica Piscis.) Once two circles figure out how to balance things, they return to being one circle (Yin Yang.)

Then Spirit went to town creating all kinds of cool stuff, including three circles, representing the three dimensional construct of the Human Being, who could have free will to create their own stuff, just like Mom (Gaia) and Dad (Sol), who remind them how to remember.

The Geometry on the right is most often titled 'The Heavenly City.' Its a symbolic representation of the six days 'God' took to create the world. Keep in mind there are alternative ways to interpret the story of Genesis found in the Christian Bible. Creation Myth pre-dates the writing of that book and is rooted in Astrological observation.

Now that we have a rudimentary understanding of how Spirit objectively created 'The Human Function of Spirit;' (your character playing the game of separation,) we can move forward and remember how to balance out the complexities of our Character by examining its 4 aspects, which we can identify and understand separately. Your Spiritual body is probably the most important reminder of all, because It's the one that most people have completely lost touch with. Click 'NEXT' to continue.


    • "An Ascension Handbook" ~ Tony Stubbs
    • "How the World is Made" ~ John Mitchell, illustrated by Allan Brown.