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Remembering Your Character: Part 4 of 4: The Physical Body

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The Fool

I'm a Fool in search of experience; with not but wits in my head and joy in my heart.
I wander with faith, by my side, the most loyal companion who knows this vast domain.
Although no Ordinary Fool Am I; because I have this map to show me where to start.
I meet many folk along the way, friend and foe alike; reminding each other home again.

Mother Earth provides all I need, guiding me down the road; always avoiding strife.
There are many variations of her earth, air, water and fire, to use as free as I breathe.
I always look before I leap and plan my course with glee. This is a cautious tip for life,
For if I let my troubles weigh me down along a fearful cliff, my beckon call meets death.

Each virtuous step puts another feather in my cap, and reminds me how far I've come.
Adorned with symbols of my trade; the stars within and out, where truth remains assured.
I breathe passion deep and each step will lead me forth to balance where I'm from.
And in the sunny sky and far off range; both beyond my reach, but destiny is secured.

I'm having fun with the innocence of a child and know when this journey ends,
I'll begin anew with even more love and bliss along another road that bends.