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Remembering Your Character: Part 3 of 4: The Emotional Body

Subjectivity and Objectivity: Two Side of The Same Coin

Subjectivity is two people arguing over right and wrong. Objectivity allows two people to see that they're both right, and wrong and nothing is right, or wrong. Subjectivity limits an individuals point of view; whereas, objectivity broadens the point of view considerably, including all subjective points of view. This can get bloody confusing to sort out because there are countless subjective points of view.

When we discussed the Mental Body and it's Mind components, we started to understand the two adversaries of Self and Ego. The Self having a desire to balance things out, conclude the game, and return home to Unity. The Ego having a desire to keep things unbalanced so it can keep playing, like a little kid who doesn't want to come home for dinner.

Building a balanced Soul; however, isn't like playing on a 'teeter-tauter.' Building a balanced Soul is more than balancing the unconscious and conscious part of the Mind. Balancing a Soul requires balancing many separate things together; ALL at once. Thankfully we have an internal guidance system designed specifically for the task of balancing subjective Ego stuff with objective Self stuff.

How Objective can You Be?

A subjective point of view: I want to create a beautiful life and I know that balanced form creates beauty. The meanings I place on my life with the thoughts I imagine and the emotions I express are the forms and boundaries I place for my life. When I was unaware of this process the creation was being created sub-consciously. When I became aware of this process the experiences I create became conscious.

An objective point of view: Balanced form creates beauty. Consciousness is unlimited unity of Being. When consciousness intentionally places meaning on something, through thought and emotion, boundaries and forms are created in order for consciousness to see a world of separate things. But ultimately all things that are limited and separate are an illusion because the separate things are a composition of consciousness, which in itself is an unlimited unity.

Objectivity moves your awareness of 'I' to a point of view where you see your character acting out the game from a wider perspective, like viewing yourself from the corner of your room while your starting to fall asleep; instead of, seeing only what your character sees through it's limited perspective, like being in the bed trying to fall asleep.

This last statement might be a bit confusing, considering how much emphasis I've put on 'Going Within.' Consider now that what I've been emphasising is about 'Going Within YOUR SPIRIT SELF' Which is where you uncover a wider perspective. Going within is where YOUR CHARACTER connects with SPIRIT. Being without is where YOUR CHARACTER believes it is dis-connected from SPIRIT.

Spirit sees everything from a distance, even though you connect with it, from within your character. Personally, I struggled with this concept for years. I finally understood when I was riding my bike across a bridge one morning. The Sun was shining, but instead of viewing the Sun shining down on me, I viewed the Sun being projected from within myself outward.

Stage 2: Understanding The Emotional Body

Thoughts and subjective meanings are imagined forms and boundaries. We've briefly discussed how the the Mind of our character struggles balancing everything out. Emotions add a layer of depth to the boundaries we imagine, making things even more complicating. Thoughts, layered with emotion, create belief. Belief creates behaviour. How we behave is what we experience.

We can sit in a chair and imagine a picture, then we can add a layer to the picture by feeling a sensation about the picture. If you do this long enough you develop, like developing a 'film,' a belief about the picture of the reality you're imagining. When you add your third body to the mix, your Physical Body, you add the 'action' to the belief, creating the behaviour, which in turn leads to an experience. But let's stick to feelings for now. I just want you to know where I'm headed.

I've always had a niggling idea, like a splinter in my mind, wanting to call the 'Emotional Body' the 'Feeling Body' instead. I've struggled to reconcile 'Emotions' as the all encompassing aspect of my senses. I figure just because I 'Feel' something about an image in my Mind, doesn't mean I have a limited way in which to express the feeling. Going within and being aware of what I imagine, is only half of the puzzle. In order to manifest my intentions I've remembered that I must also be aware of how I feel and that awareness allows me a choice in how I want to express those feelings.

This seems to be the missing link missed by all the voices who talk about creative visualization and how to manifest reality. No one ever talks about identifying physical sensation, ie. 'Feelings.' At least no one I've read.

If the Game of Separation, in part, is about imbalance, doesn't it make sense that expressed feeling, ie. 'Emotions,' are out of balance too? And then doesn't it follow that in order to balance out Emotions, we have to remember how to be aware of how we feel in order to consciously direct how we express feelings in order to manifest experience the way we want, which I've just pointed out is a combination of both thought and feeling.

Belief has two components, thought and feeling. Belief in something holds the illusion of separation in place. Thoughts and Feelings are subjective, they are often out of balance with objective reality. Feelings guide and direct thoughts to remember the easiest way to balance an infinite amount of accumulated personal meanings. Think about emotions as feelings expressed, much the way that knowledge is information expressed and together, thoughts and feelings create a belief that things are separate.

My greatest struggles in life have been emotional. It's relativity easy to find a doctor to fix a broken bone, or a narcissistic mind, but emotional upheaval has been challenging for me to figure out, being something I've had to work out on my own, with little to no help. In this way I'm particularly excited to explain what I've discovered about balancing emotions, because, in a lot of ways, I feel I've invented my own therapy for dealing with them.

In very simple terms: What we ALL came here to do is RE-MIND each other to RE-MEMBER the separate beliefs back into ONE belief. Now, if knowledge is an expression of information and emotions are an expression of feeling together creating separate beliefs; WISDOM is the expression of UNITY. Subjective belief of things that are right and wrong maintain boundaries of separation; where as, objective belief of things as one, dissolve boundaries of separation. This is one of the toughest understandings any MIND can fathom and It will take a bit of effort to wrap your brain around: There is nothing inherently good, or bad, only things that exist. The trick of transforming is 'shifting' from a view point of right and wrong, into a perspective of experiencing things as they are, remembering how to keep all those things in BALANCE. A person’s only requirement for this 'shift' is an intention to do so. An initiation. An initial impetus. I Am not "teaching" you to do this. I Am only facilitating a reminder for you to remember how.

Experience YOUR Life as it IS!

Experiences; therefore, are evidence of thoughts and emotions, from the things that have been decided about life from a subjective point of view; YOUR BELIEFS. Often the thoughts and emotions subjectively placed on any experience are out of balance with the objective reality; consequently, many subjective meanings and boundaries are not beautiful. This is so because the thoughts and emotions are often being created subconsciously or unconsciously, which are most often out of balance. Furthermore, nothing experienced is accidental, right or wrong, nor is it something that happens to me. Rather, experience is evidence in fact of consciousness being created and is something that happens through me; regardless if the process is happening consciously, or unconsciously. My personal mission in life is to encourage as many separate parts of my Self, as possible, to create things with conscious intention; instead of, unconscious accident, by re-minding those separate parts of my Self to re-member how to do so. Get it? The illusion is a subjective view that everything is separate, the reality is an objective view that everything is One.

When awareness of the creation expands to an objective point of view, understanding about how to create intended experience moves from the sub-conscious to the conscious. Instead of forcing a situation unconsciously with subjective meaning, situations can be powerfully manifested consciously with objective universal truths. One such Universal truth is the Law of Attraction, for example, which many different voices have commented on, but like I have alluded to earlier, one concept does not an entire picture make.

Which brings us to the word 'Ego'

Ego is a linear, subjective experience of thought and emotion. Ego is a limited perspective, which forces the unconscious illusion of separate forms. Forms are a dencification of Consciousness. Remember: Density refers to one's conscious awareness only. Once one is aware, ALL conforms to that awareness. Ego is not who I Am; merely a limited part of who I Am. Limiting my awareness to the point of view of my Ego, in all seriousness, is what is creating the problems, we can all relate to. Increasing awareness to that of 'Spirit' is the solution to the myriad of problems each and everyone of us face from day to day. In order to bridge the gap between the limits of the 'Ego' and the unlimited 'Spirit,' a reconnection with Self must occur. Reconnecting with Self is a creative process, everybody loves being creative in one way or another. When we immerse ourselves in creativity...time stops, BEING in the now is made manifest and wonder replaces worry, worry/fear being the root of all problems.

In contrast to the limited Ego, Spirit is the non-linear objective knowing of thought and emotion. Spirit is an unlimited perspective, which powerfully allows conscious reality of the unified formless. Formlessness is the Light and Love of Consciousness. Spirit is who I AM in totality. I don't know about you, but wherever I go Love seems to be the best of all things and it's the Spirit within that allows love to flow. Ego holds back that flow for a plethora of reasons, in an inordinate amount of ways, which are ubiquitous throughout society for anyone who wants to make the observation.

My Spirit, your Spirit, is a thought of something separate. It is Egos last ditch attempt to maintain separation and is most obvious with objective observation of monotheism. When we consider the ridiculousness of what organized monastic religions say about divinity, mainly placing the concept of 'God' outside the 'Flock,' we begin to take back the power Spirit provides us in directing our own existence. If we consider the word 'God' as being synonyms with the Sun and the word 'Flock' as a representation of all the other stars in the cosmos, and further extrapolate, that each person is a 'Sun' in there own right with other people who 'Flock' all around, we can begin to make more sense out of scripture and also far less obscure to boot! There will be WAY more information on this subject later.

Boundaries, forms, or whatever label, or meaning an individual consciousness decides to believe, maintains the illusion of separation. This is the Ego part of each of us. Ego has no idea that this limitation is non-sustainable, so it forces 'Self' unconsciously to maintain an unbalanced subjective separation in order to DO things to survive. However, in objective reality there is only Spirit. In contrast to using 'Force' to unsuccessfully sustain an illusion, Spirit is an allowance of 'Power;' where in, it successfully sustains reality by simply allowing balance to BE.

Breathing: An Interlude.

There is a real simple way to get a handle on what I'm trying to explain if we use our breath as a metaphor for the concept of "Power vs. Force." I ,myself, stumbled upon this breath metaphor when I was taking voice lessens, while at the same time I was reading, "Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behaviour" by, David R. Hawkins. It occurred to me that when I breathe, all I'm doing is allowing something to happen and in its simplicity, the inhale and exhale of my breath powerfully sustains, not only my life, but EVERYONE'S life. All I have to do is allow my breath to BE in order to sustain my life. BUT, when I FORCE myself to hold my breath, that's when things get out of whack and I end up DOING all kinds of things in order to balance and sustain my life. I concluded that the easiest way for me to maintain a balanced life was to simply allow my balance to be: to allow myself to breathe without forcing myself to hold it. I don't know about you, but in my experience it's pretty hard to hold my breath forever, it's simply not sustainable to do so; where as, allowing my breath to be is infinitely sustainable, whether I think about it or not. I've got a lot more to say about the breath, introducing it now, in this paragraph, is merely an interlude.

Awareness is a Key that Unlocks many Doors

Sometimes it takes a little time to focus and see clearly how I created experiential situations, especially when I'm 'in it' or when my point of view is limited by the subjective point of view of my Ego. Awareness is the key. When I Am aware/pay attention of things without myself and consider that I created those things within myself, even if I don’t know how I did it, I Am able to take a look and see things from a more objective point of view. Often thoughts and emotions get in the way of this objectivity because a lot of thoughts and emotions that create my beliefs feel uncomfortable and the Ego, for all its faults, is trying to protect me from suffering without realizing its resistance in dissolving the illusion is what is creating most of my suffering in the first place.

If I can re-mind my Self that my goal is to re-member my Self, I can convince my Ego to help me instead of hinder me; that the painful thoughts and emotional suffering I will feel by remembering some beliefs that no longer work to maintain my life's balance, won't last long and won't be the death of it. By employing the Egos help to reconnect to another part of Spirit which the Ego is also a part of, I can alleviate my Egos fear. If I communicate with my Ego that it can help ease some of my suffering by allowing me to reconnect/re-member with Self our relationship will strengthen, instead of leaving the Ego to falsely believe that my efforts to re-member my Self is an attempt at killing off our relationship all together. Most, if not all of what the Ego does to control my life is sub-conscious and sub-jective. Being aware and paying attention to how my Ego thinks and how it expresses those thought with emotion, is the only path, that I Am aware of, that allows reconection with Self. And once again, the only way to understand the objective perspective of Spirit is through the Self. And Self is another way to say: 'The'Kingdom of 'God/Creation,' lies WITHIN. And that is were we ALL find our own individual thoughts and emotions.

Use conscious intent, to put your ego to work for you; instead of, unconsciously against you.

Many Many thinkers contend that in order to reconnect with Self the death of the Ego is necessary. In the beginning of my own struggles with my Ego I tried a multitude of different techniques to kill off my Ego with little to no success. When I finally started appreciating my Ego for all the efforts it put forth to protect me and started to view my Ego as a friend who could help me grow and expand my consciousness; I soon discovered I had a fabulous ally, ready and willing to assist me with the knowledge that its help would not mean its certain death. At first constant reassurance was needed. Any time my Ego put up a fight I simply asserted that it just needed to wonder how things would work out, instead of worry about what might be, that if we both walked softly and carried a big stick we could proceed together in companionship; rather than, as adversaries. This is a lot tougher than it sounds, mainly because we've been programmed by society to ignore our Ego's. If you sincerely want to discipline Ego; an understanding of the MIND has to be remembered. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Remember: One step at a time.

Many Years ago My Ego and My Self came to an agreement that I, My Self, was in charge and responsible for the decisions of my life and like a child, my Ego would be of most service and help by fallowing my lead instead of being in control. Once my Ego and I came to this agreement, the power of Spirit in my Self began to easily and intentionally create things differently, if I so chose. Remember that the Ego is scared of dying and its life is dependant upon maintaining the illusion of separation from the part in each of us that is commonly referred to as 'Self.' Reassuring the ego that its inclusion in the re-membership instead of its exclusion, is a hell of a lot easier and consequently more powerful, than trying to force it to accept its own death. If you're at the stage where you understand about the anatomy of the psyche and are working your way through a greater understanding, attempt making friends with your Ego and see how it goes. I'll have more to say on the subject in subsequent pages that may be of some help, but in all things it's up to you to do the work. I can't eat your breakfast for you, I can only prepare the meal.

Being unaware that I created something, allows the belief that something happened to me. By being unaware, I Am unable to see a wider perspective of consciousness being created through me and I Am therefore powerless to intentionally create something different if I so choose. The Ego will continue to force the unbalanced forms being experienced if I fail to bring its un-conscious methods into my conscious awareness. I don't think it's necessary to fight with the Ego, In fact, in my experiences, I have discovered things go way more smoothly when I include my ego in in the decisions I make. But remember the ego is like a little kid, patience, kindness and gentle reassurance is needed to let the Ego know it's safe.

It's quite easy to understand that growth lasts a lifetime. As I have grown I have been able to see a bigger picture of the world around me reminding my self that there are no limits to what I can see, but since there are so many experiences, and so many, and in fact limitless, variables to balance out in any given life, it is only natural for anything growing and expanding to find the easiest way to keep the balance. Surrendering to Spirit is the easiest way. True control is unconditional surrender. I will contend, until my dying breath, that reconnecting with Spirit is a creative process and creativity is more fun than work. Once we remember the steps required for creation, life returns to being a joy and a pleasure; rather than, a chore and a hardship. Let us now consider this 'Creative Process' I'm talking about, in an objective way.